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Sad Poems on Society

Society is something of a catch-all phrase for organized humanity. It's just another word for people. And just as there can be evil in people, there can also be evil in society. And evil, in any of its myriad guises, can only bring us pain and sadness.

Sad Poems on Society (1-31)

  • by Marilyn
    Darkness surrounds life and causes fear. Where can we find the light and strength to fly free?
  • by Steve Woodman
    When abusive parents turn to alcohol, it's the children who pay the price.
  • by Amy M. Jones
    There is, perhaps, no greater fear than the fear of being abused again.
  • by Brandy Bryant
    Some answers are anything but answers. Instead, they leave only questions.
  • by Klynn
    The scars of psychological abuse can last a long time. But not necessarily forever.
  • by Nikki
    Our own troubles often seem insignificant when compared to those of others.
  • by Vanessa
    In an angry world, everyone is affected. Even the children.
  • by Emilith
    How can one describe the misery of an eating disorder?
  • by Rosebud
    Littleton, Colorado left a lot of questions in its wake. And very few answers.
  • by Lisa Teller
    Events in Littleton, Colorado brought an outburst of emotion and pain to an entire nation. Including the poets.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    This poem is dedicated to all those who are violated by the one person who should protect them.
  • by Melissa Hensle
    It doesn't always take much to change a life. Or to abruptly end it.

Sad Poems Subcategories Menu

  • by Pauline Hamblin
    It isn't men who die in war. It's really a mother's little boy…
  • by Kimberly
    What we experience as a child, can haunt us all our lives.
  • by Michael Anderson
    Of all the Wrong things in this world, of all the Sad things in this world, none are more so than Child Abuse.
  • by Kara Chernushin Riccitelli
    This poem candidly depicts some of the undesirable aspects of today's society. We may not like it, but it has become an all too familiar reality.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    Most of us are fortunate enough, at times, to know the one face of love. But too many are unfortunate enough to see the other face, the face we call Abuse.
  • by Wes Mitchell
    Often, those who most need help refuse to ask.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    In today's society, there can be a terrible, deadly cost to pay for a few moment's of passion.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    Most of us see violence against a child as horrific and evil. Have you ever wondered how the child sees it?
  • by Angelina Merrill
    Life isn't always perfect, and it certainly isn't always fair.
  • by Kaspatch
    Love is as much a physical expression as an emotional one - but it should never leave bruises.
  • by Lloyd Klumpp
    This poem is about child abuse - and a wisdom gained through the perspective of maturity.
  • by Dry Petals
    This poem is beautiful. And very, very ugly. It's about the rape of a fourteen year old, and her response to a shattering experience.
  • by Miradu
    As the homeless population of the world grows larger, this stark poem explores the hopelessness of their plight.
  • by William Bough
    This poem is about the greatest injustice this world has ever known. Let its words move you, and insure it can never happen again.
  • by Kristin Evans
    This touching, well-crafted poem about Abuse will bring tears to your eyes. And, I suspect, rage to your heart. Read it. Understand it. Never forget.
  • by Boop
    Talk to a 3-year-old, and learn the real meaning of hurt. But listen closely, for this voice will haunt your nights for a very long time.
  • by Malcolm Coleman
    Empathy is the ability to feel another's deep pain. And a feeling of deep helplessness is too often the result.
  • by Lloyd Klumpp
    This isn't just a Sad Poem. It's a poem about pain, the kind of pain that never quite goes away.
  • by Jennifer Johnson
    We all know that neighborhoods change. In some neighborhoods, it happens every night.

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