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Depression and Suicide Poems

No one is happy all of the time, but some people feel as if they can never find happiness. Some people feel as if their entire life is devoted to nothing but pain and hurt and loneliness. Every day is a struggle, and every breath a fight for survival. These people have a deep understanding of the word Depression.

Depression and Suicide Poems (1-43)

  • by Megan Hance
    We know we feel different. Having a label applied to us may make help easier to find, but it doesn't make us feel any better.
  • by Puff
    Depression too often walks hand in hand with a deep sense of helplessness.
  • by Skittles
    The way we see ourselves is often colored by blues of our depression.
  • by Dave
    No matter how badly it seems to hurt, someone somewhere has felt it, too. And survived.
  • by Jenna
    Pain is often a many-layered thing, building in to problems that seem insurmountable.
  • by Lauren Montelbano
    When hope seems impossible, perhaps it just lies in the hands of another
  • by Emily
    Too often, our cries for help are silent ones. Unheard. Unheeded.
  • by Oblivious
    When everyone else seems happy and you're not, it sometimes feels as if it's your own fault.
  • by Mitchell Pavao
    When someone faces depression, those on the outside often have a great deal of trouble understanding why.
  • by NJ Belopotosky
    Faces hide as much as they reveal, and things aren't always what they seem.
  • by Leanna
    Too many people simply see reality as what we can see and touch. But feelings are very real, too.
  • by Bek
    This is a beautifully written poem about pain and confusion.

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  • by Reese
    Perhaps we should have a sign around our necks, so all the world could see how we feel inside.
  • by Angell
    Suicide is an escape, not an answer…
  • by Sweetsteffanie
    We all feel crazy from time to time. But few things I've read ever expressed that feeling with such powerful - sanity.
  • by Kimberly
    Colors blur and outlines fade when our eyes are blinded by depression.
  • by Kimberly
    The world can look very different through the veil of depression.
  • by Michael Anderson
    Depressions is unique. It can be, and too often is, the largest, most dominant thing in a person's life. And, yet, at the same time, it is nothing at all…
  • by Shellie Sanchez
    Insecurity, like just about any negative emotion, can overtake our lives. Taking control if it can make all the difference.
  • by Joseph Smith
    This poem is a very stark, very haunting description of what constant depression can feel like.
  • by Raquel
    The search for an answer - from where does Depression arise?
  • by Azazel
    This is a clever poem, but its message is a serious one.
  • by Darcy
    Loneliness leads the mind into dark corners…
  • by Darcy
    This poem is about how melancholic people are shadows, forgotten in death and the anger that comes without love.
  • by Tim Chambers
    This poem is Classical in style, modern in composition, and timeless in theme.
  • by Shane Downing
    Depression can change the very way we see reality.
  • by Stage Diva
    This is a beautiful poem that will hypnotize you, frighten you, and perhaps impart some small understanding…
  • by Fallen Angel
    What others tell us of ourselves is never as important as what we tell ourselves.
  • by Kevin Rose
    Even in the depths of depression, it is part of our nature to seek understanding of what causes our pain…
  • by Bec
    This is a beautiful, ugly poem that seems to somehow both seek and to give understanding. Read it, and weep with me.
  • by Dennis Heflin
    This uniquely original poem is about feeling overwhelmed by Life.
  • by Craig Kendall
    Imagery and metaphor can both describe sadness, and help us better understand it.
  • by Nikiness
    Perhaps the only thing worse than not being happy is to have been happy and then lost it…
  • by Heather Gustafson
    We all desire Freedom - but freedom from what? Not having the answer to that question can be the greatest pain of all.
  • by Lloyd Klumpp
    There are many words to describe Depression, none quite doing justice to its pain. But this poem, with its staccato structure and repetitive force, comes very close…
  • by Brier
    Our memories aren't always reliable, especially when they are shadowed by pain and depression.
  • by Kristin Evans
    Understanding isn't always easy to find. Especially self-understanding…
  • by Erin Marsh
    A child who need helps. A world helpless to give enough.
  • by Holly
    Dreams and disappointments, too often, go hand-in-hand.
  • by Angell
    A young, but wise, poet looks at her own pain and offers some very sincere insight into a dark world too many share.
  • by Jeremy Redinger
    Sadness and depression, if visited too often or too long, can become an unwelcome home. Or, worse, a prison.
  • by Lori
    Iron bars and heavy chains, no matter how secure, still offer some hope of escape. But freedom can be harder to find, when your prison is life itself.
  • by Maria Byrne
    Few things in this world, or perhaps any, are sadder than feelings of loneliness and the depression it brings. And, too often, those feelings lead to thoughts of ending those feelings…

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