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This poem was written as a class assignment, and the inspiration came from the first line, which popped in my head as though someone else were trying to tell their story through me. Though written in first person, the speaker is a character other than myself. I found in writing the poem, however, that I was able to push away some of my own depression as I lost myself in the speaker's lonelier existence.

Suicide Poem, A Sonnet

Was I bewitched so by the thin red line
To notice not that time released its hold
And let pale Iris snip the silver twine
To steal sweet youth before it turned to gold.
Existence now is not what I was told;
No seraphim and harps to grace my ear,
Just silence, painful silence, and the cold
Discomfort of my masochistic fear,
So icy cold, yet somehow seems to sear
My soul until the ache's too much to bare,
As mortal life mirages now appear:
Intangible are they; away they tear.
Mistake, it was; the curtain fell too soon
When razor's edge did charm me like the moon.
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122 Visitor Comments

wow. omg i really understand the meanin of this. it really hit me that what i tried to do last year. what im doing now. its stupid. and not an answer. thank you. xxx
Love it!
I absolutely adore this poem! I had a suicidal friend and i too have been clinially depressed before. Reading this poem was so inspirational because i too am a poet, very much which i have written subjects on this. I hope to show you sometime and you can tell me what you think xxxxx
it made me think of a time when my friend cut her self because she was depressed and she felt like no one cared
i feel ur pain
Hey this is a really good poem it help my friend thank u very much
a very very good poem i feel that this poem tells acatly what its like .
That was a very nice poem about your life hope yuuu feel bttr! =)
That is very awesome, and yet still very scary. My best friend tried to commit suicide and she survived, thank God, and yet she believes that I saved her.
I loved it! It is great! 10 10 10 10 10
o god. this poem describes 2 of my best friends, and almost me. it's amazing how real this seems. the emotion is so vivid, so strong, it's scary. but it's a really good poem.
im goin thro this right now so i kno wat its lyk an i rly understand the meanin of this poem. its very good.
the poem reached into my heart and made me feel a way that i thought wasnt possible 10/10
i fell your pain
oh my god. this poem has to be the best i have ever heard. this is number one with me and i will share it with friends. lhis poem will forever linger in my heart and thare it will stay
hey! i loved this poem. i myself am suicidal, and just reading this poem ment alot. I always think, well. wat if i accidently slipped and did something wrong. after reading this poem, i am seriously going to try and stop. Thanks for the insperation! Sarah~*
for all of you that feel like there's no more hope in life, like a very wise guy once said, put your burdens on Jesus, and he will cary them for you.
i just wanted to say that i thought that your poem was pretty good. nice job
Yeah I liked this people in this world are so mean why cant they jus leave us punks/goths alone?
Loved it.
I love this poem, I love it so much. I'm going to post it on my web.
That is so rockin love the talent keep writen.
omg that was so touching! you say that you heard that in your head as if someone was telling you what to write? i have a couple of poems i wrote that remind me of your description of what you said how you wrote this if you'd like to here them please email me at some time thank you and by the way i like your poem
it was very inspiring and i have had thoughts and this poem helped me so much.
i like this poem because it has a lot of meaning.
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
oh wow i love this poem so much. your really good at this ya know!
I understand this clearly. I used to be a cutter and when it says "When razor's edge did charm me like the moon. " I can say that's exactly what happeneds. When I write about my friends read my stuff and say I should publish it but I can't I never told my mom I cut and my dad found out but the school so he wouldn't mind. Thats a nice poem
oh my god this is gotta be the best thing i have read on this topic for a long time i am like this but i am better do give it a rating i would give it 10/10 cuz it just touches you and rly gives you an understanding of the topic
wow i love this poem so much it really touched me and related to me in alot of ways
WOW. i used to be like that but i got help and it brought tears to my eyes and the poem was very good
this was a very deep poem and i can realate to it alot. it a great feeling to know other ppl feel simular to me.
this is a brillian poem it has a lot of emotion in it
you rock i finally someone who gets me
i liked the poem i like to read these kinds of poems and you have succseeeded in makeing me happy
i loved this peom. i could really relate to it. i tried to commit suicide when i was 13
Very true poem, very very good too :) Nice work.
This poem really hit close to home when I read it. I was totally entranced by the visuals, and could feel the pain the character was experiencing.
Your poem is very true and i feel we have connected as there is someone else who feels like me xxxxx
I vote this poem on a scale 1-10 i'll have to give it a 10, why because when I read the poem it really touched my heart because i had quit a few friends that whent suicide because of problems and other reasons.
hey i really like your poetry and i totally agree with that poem i love poetry i just can't write it but i just want to say i loved your poem.
you know reading your poem made me tingle all over it sounds so much like me my scars wer aching wen i read it i have been cuttin 4 a yr now and writing poems 4 3yrs
i have actually attempted suicide and this poem touched me.
This poem is amazing. It has such perfect vocab and all the words go together. I can relate to it all. Really good! Keep up the good work!
I thouht the poem was great the mood and the way the words flow with the reality of it.
this poem was good but sum parts i didnt get until i read over it a couple times then it made me tingle all inside
a great poem u r truly talented
my bestmate nathan killed himself the other week, i thought about why he did it, i wanted to do it, but your poems rite the curtain does fall 2 soon!
This poem really touched me and I think you did a really good job with it.
Even though I am not suicidal I like to read poems about what others go through. I think this poem portrayed the feelings of the author very well. I loved it. Even though I am never going to commit suicide.
This poem helps me to understand that I am not alone in the way I feel. I would like to thank you for putting this on the internet. It has helped me in many more ways than anyone would know.
Alot of the heavy metal music artists i listen to use big words and metaphors to make the lyrics sound elegant even if the guitars sound like lawn mowers i suppose thats what caught my eye on this particular poem.
i don't understand this poem but its good and creative
This poem is amazing. I get chills everytime I read it. Everything that defines a sonnet is in it; the iambic pentameter, the rhyming, the patterns. I just absolutely love this poem. Excellent job! (The last two lines are beautifully composed) :-)
I think it was amazing and it was exacally how im feeling right now. keep wrighting you trully have a gift.
it was fantastic
it was good, i like it
Hey This POem really touched me, I have tried to commit suicide many times and this poem really cinected with me.
I loved this poem. It has so much emotion put into it. all I can say is you're not alone. others feel the same way out there.
this was really good
i think this poem is fantasitc, it sounds like it has a twist, extremly mind blowing. i think the author of this poem should continue making extrodinary poems like this one, i only wish i had the same talent as this author
I thought it was beautiful. The writing, and depth in this poem really touched me.
i am a 15 year old girl who had suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts and this really helped me understand what other people go through i loved it it was great
i have poems exactly like this. Cutting for me was a release, a beauty that i could never understand. you captured those moments just like i have attempted to. Thanks
This is a wonderful example of those who are not understood inthe most precious and valuables of times. I'm a poet myself I'm just looking for a publisher to publish my book.
this peom really touched me it was the same way with me that's what i felt inside it was great to read it from someone else.
it was great i really felt with the poem
This is one incredible poem. I think it speaks for most of us that are depressed. Keep writing, maybe we'll see some of your poems in a book one day in the future.
Love it! Defenitly
sarah lianeth
that poem really touched my heart. its so great. i wish i have a talent like that because to tell you honestly i love poems very much. no lines 2 say but nothing compares.
10 outa 10! Seriously, this poem hit so close to home, I went through the same thing, and I have barely over-come it. But this is definatly a way for people to know what we go through
I am 13 years old and some time si feel like killing myself but its these kind of things that help me hold on. The cuts on my arm tell me i dont have such a good future ahead of me and some times i am scared 4 my self. I loved ur poem.
I loved the poem. it really touched me and I myself have had thoughts of suicide and it's just nice to know there are other people that are going through what I am.
OMG- this poem is touching to me alot. I have made so many poems about suicide. I use to hate my life. I still do but sometimes u think about it n wonder why would u give up a life that a young baby who died could of had. This poem is one of the best poems. Its touching, its sad, and i admire it. For a short poem, it means so00o0o much to me. WEll, al i wanted to say is that this poem is good. Actually it is GREAT! Good Work on this Poem. And make more that are as touching. GOOD WORK! And i think that poem made me think more and more. Tears are running down now. !
This is a wonderful poem. it 's also very romantic. Just lovely.
It just. ment alot to me. Thats all I really have to say
This was a very good poem that touched me and made me thin about every one that wants to kill or try to kill them selfs. i hope you write more like this.
These poem really relates to all my feelings
Every word is truly beautiful, yet it is still very depressing. But isn't life a package of depression? I guess that's up to us to decide which path we would like to take when sadness overwhelms us. 10/10. You are a skilled writer.
it makes you think alot. you have a gr8 message.
this poem makes me feel like someone understands how i feel and i realize im not alone someone does understand also before i go this person is a true poem writter
Whoa this poem resembles me alot but i thought it was awsome i would give it a 10/10 if i was a judge it really brings out emotions and thoughts i liked it alot
It touchec me deeply. It made the scars on my arm tingle. It's very good.
love the poem excellent 10/10
This poem is one of the most beautiful I've ever read in my life.
it was great
I loved your poem. I'm currently searching for suicidal poems for a speech I am to present at a number of tournaments. I'm hoping that I may use your poem in my speech, and (of course), give you full credit for it.
the poem is very deep,beautiful and sad.
words can not express how much your poem touched me. big talent. Xx
This was a really good poem. it is so good i am going to use it for my speech project! This Poem has really touched me and made me think about things and how i am glad i have things going good for me right now!
I loved your poem. It was truely fascinating.
i thought you did a great job writting this poem i truly enjoyed it
I enjoyed the poem. It was full of imagery and allusions that made it more interesting. This plus the fact that the subject was handled so well makes this a great poem. I hope you continue to write.
That has to be the greatest poem i have ever read. You put into words what i have felt for so long. You have a great talent and i hope you keep writing.
beautiful structure. The choice of wording is very admirable. well done my friend and may your talent bring you places.
That was absolutely stunning! There is a profound sense of emptiness and regret, an excellent rhyme scheme, and a dark, moving aura over the entire work.
i love your poem. it describes alot of what i feel, as im sure millions of people out there feel. im glad you've voiced it so that we wont forget we're not the only ones feeling the same way.
Wow. A lot of thoughts in this poem. You've done a great job. I'm just very sorry that some people feel this way. I wish there were something I could do to help
That poem reached me deaply because I went through everyhting with suicide. I then realized that no matter who likes or dislikes me my life was worth it to me. You have a very good talent, keep up the good work.
loved the poem it touched me so something ive been going through my whole life not sure if i kno or anyone else knows why?
This poem was really good, the ending was just amazing. well done!
I'm pretty dense about poetry but the last few lines were very moving. "the curtain fell too soon" "razor's edge grazed my skin like the moon" or something like that.
it says a lot iam going through the same and need help with my family cause they hate me all of them.
i really loved your poem. i feel this way right now. i been to 4 hospitals and still havent been cured. it just makes me feel good to know that these same thoughts and poems are running through other peoples heads. THANKX! with lots of love:(
very good sonnet i really enjoyed very much keep up the good work
I liked this poem. It describes the things I have felt before.
I think this poem is one of the best ever poems that I have read, it must have come straight from your heart, I to write poetry, mine is very depressive, because i have been through alot and am still.I could reall relate to this poem and know exactly how you feel deep down, this poem bought a tear to my eye and I felt that feeling you do when you finally realise someone understands you!I feel empty, but knowning someone has the same thoughts as me really helps alot!Thanx for your innate talent I feel I belong
It's an strangely beautiful poem, almost intoxicating. I think it's good how it sorta snaps the reader into realising the lure of death, and how you will miss so much if you listen to the tempation that's there. I wish I had read it sooner.
Those words are sooo deep! And has a great meaning to love life.
Wonderfully written to decode the suductress of masochism. Lovely.
Very well written
I loved this poem so much. It was deep and very real!
This poem is one of the only ones i have read that actually feels like deppression
i feel where u r coming from in your poem. i cried as i was reading it because i can relate to it. i was at that point in life. i had to go through a lot in life for me to get to that point. i thought it was the only way out. im glad i wasnt the only one who felt this way. you should write more poems about this situation. and you should write a positive way to solve this problem and tell people that death is not the way out. thats what i had to find out.
This touched my heart and helped me understand why he did it..thank you.
This poem was really great and gives a good image.
This poem is so true of how I feel a dn how a lot of other feel. Going through life each day being scaredt o wake up in the morning and just wanting it all to end is what a lot of teenagers and adults feel. But it certainly moved me in a way I will never forget.
very good
I really like this poem. It says a lot about what I have been feeling lately, although I am too scared to do that, but I have thought of it before and I just really like this poem!

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