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I was a pretty screwed up kid. I used to over-play and roll around in my feelings a lot - and I found poetry a way of expressing them. I can't honestly remember exactly what this poem was about. When I concentrate on a feeling I usually try and fix an image to it and this particular image was my tears becoming huge stones to throw in the ocean. I told you I was screwed up.

Stone Tears

My emotions pick up power and speed
Then break and smash and explode at my heart.
The great surges of my feelings impede
All that's consciously right. I start to cry.
Every tear sends waves of unseen feelings
Through the hidden surface of our lives.
They roll and fall until all love is gone,
All life is lived, and each feeling explored.
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10 Visitor Comments

omg this is a every beautiful poem i love it
OMG So beautiful. Thank U!
This poem touched my heart and i hope it touches everyone else's heart the smae way it did mine. I wanted to hurt myself at one time now i read this poem and i changed my mind!
I enjoyed this poem because,not many people can explain how they feel but it was just explained in that poem.
Such vivid imagery speaks clearly to the heart.
True to itself in all forms. The dark, the light, the morbid, the sane.
That was a very touching poem that I can relate with.
in your description you said you were screwed up i dont think so at all i totally understood every thing you were feeling when you wrote this
It moved me with it's emotion.
This poem is like a symbol of my life right now! My boyfriend that I Loved VERY much breaks up with me and says that we are too different! We had all these plans that we were going to do together and know they are gone!

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