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Digital Passions has inspired me to think more about this description process. Initially, I thought it might detract from what I was trying to say in the poem but in this case I can see the value. Everyone carries pain inside them and sometimes the reliving of that pain in your mind can be quite a physical experience almost overwhelming.


No space around me
Stifling walls
Closing off my view
Numbing thoughts
Aching soul
Suffocating dreams

Memory stirs
Pain wells up
Trapping me again
Nowhere to go
But inside myself
Devoid of any aim

Too scared to move
Barriers raised
Hearts freedom restrained
Withdrawing hand
Fear of hurt again

Thick breath and clouds
Within my head
Oppressive atmosphere
Numbing thoughts
Aching soul
Suffocating dream

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14 Visitor Comments

wow beautiful i love it keep it up
it was good. i will gave it 10
i know exactly, how you feel, this poem in a way, read me, instead of me reading it
I like the poem cause it sounds the same way I'm going through. My ex-boyfriend cheated on me . we was going to do so much together he lied. Every time I get around another guy I cant trust them. I allways think they are lieing too me. But anyways it's a very good poem.
it was the best poem ive read, the closest one to the feeling
Thank you for sharing this poem. it spoke to me. it spoke of my struggle, often unexplainable in words. You described it well. Others really do feel like I and we are not alone.
I hear ya I hear ya.
touched me simple coz i feel the same inside walls and i dont want to come out
You make people understand what I go through 5 days a week. Thank you!
im suffering from dythymia and have chronic social withdrawl. this poem in its beauty has explained how i feel trapped between 4 walls.
very nicely put... i can relate.
This is wonderfully put. I know how them walls are, and they never crumble away.
an awesome poem. very touching. I can completely relate...
I like the poem..I feel like that sometimes..i have had my heart broken alot of time and i dont know when im going to get it hurt again p.s. good poem

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