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I composed this poem in one of the most stressful times of my life. I was failing in school, I was decimated by a liar and a cheat, and every relationship I had ever had was burning down around me. I was truly dying inside and this poem seemed to be my soul's eulogy.

Green Webbing And Pink Ribbons

I am finished.
they have caught me in their green web of hate
and I am suspended here, lonely.
here I sit.
sitting in their pretty blue room with their pretty white smile in their
pretty pink ribbons.
the blue room is my cell.
the smile is my cracked and wretched teeth.
the pink ribbons are my tattered clothes which cover my scarred body.
and in their world I sit.
bound in their green web of hate, and bearing their pretty pink ribbon, as
I die
my own death.
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10 Visitor Comments

wow it beautiful poem it so deep and hateful and so true but in a good way i think but its still beautiful i love it!
I love this poem. adding the colors was very clever. I especially like the ending, very blunt. Great job!
it's very beautiful in a not so beautiful way. i love it!
your poem made me feel so i dunno welcome iv been in foster care heaps they all look at me smiling sayin there here to help but there not they are the ones who let me get raped there the ones who laughed wen i cut maself and there the ones who are killing me slowly. softley.
this poem had somethin about it i just started bawlin. i luv it and i will pass it on and show it to many other perople i love it that much!
i love this poem keep writing you are great
It portrayed great feeling and touched my heart.
wow thats really good. cool!
very cool
I think dennis is extremely talented. i have read many of his poems. he is wonderful.

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