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I feel I am the only one who can actually see this world and everyone else is invisible to my thoughts. Although I know they are visible to many.

What Lives In Me

Misled troves on Sunday morning fly away,
I sing as I was the wind,
And burn like the fire.
Trembled cold ice lives in my heart,
Racing are my words.
They twine together as one,
But live together as two.
Roses that are gray,
And a ocean no longer blue,
The daze continues.
A bridge not to be crossed,
And a church not to be kneeled in.
Once at peace,
Resting for eternal bounds
Will then I live.
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14 Visitor Comments

sweet poem dude, it was so like moving and like so uber cool.
ey good poem n sry u feel dis way n i hope u feel better
Powerful words, and beautiful imagery. I'm glad I found it.
I love it.
I love this poem. great job and keep writing. you're a very talented girl!
this is an awesome poem witha lot of feeling.i completely was colorful in a dark way
one of the best poems ive ever read in my entire life, im almost in tears :)
I thought this poem was very well wrote and had a lot of emotion put into it. I hope to read more of her works in the future!
everyone sometimes feels as if a poem or song was written specifically for him or her, maybe speaking words for the person too bound up inside to release... this poem for me, is the perfect example..
This poem shows a lot of emotiom and felling. It expresses how the writer feels, and what this person is feeling. Very well done.
i would really like to hear more you sound like someone i know
What lives in me is gave me chills down my spine. i've never felt that from a poem before. what you've written is what how i feel. so exact..thank you. i know i'm not alone

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