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This poem is about how melancholic people are shadows, forgotten in death and the anger that comes without love.


An unnoticed identity clouded,
restless beneath your feet
sorrow life years buried in dirt
billions of cares unforgiven.
Scar a lifeline on granite stone
living wasted nothings
These unspoken distant calls repel,
dying seeds of hateful notes
Use nitrous pins to expose
this evil flesh inside
revealing impure fragile wings
that can't ever be hidden
Yourself seen towards judgement
flow an ocean of tears seeping
downwards to Hell.

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20 Visitor Comments

i just wanted to say, this is a beautiful poem.
i love it its so deep and its most of my story keep it up
i like it make more like it
hey i really like your poem it's so dark what inspired to write this don't worry i'm not anyone much of importance. i need a lot of help on my writting at least i think so. is it ok if i show you some of my things my e-mail is just above i'm still learning though i am only in high school but honestly did someone die in your family or something. it is okay i don't really care what you think about them i just like to write any way i have to go bye
i really liked the poem. I sometimes feel that my shadow is the only thing that is with me in the world. keep up the good work.
i liked this poem because I can relate to the worthless feelings
You have a brilliant way with words. I envy your talent. Keep it up.
You are great at writing poems I write some with my friends sometimes but usually when I am depressed.
ey gud poem n if u feel dis way i hope u feel betta and get rid of ur pain
awww tatz sooo sad and sooo true ; ; feel so much from tis poem ^^ really love it ^^
I really like this poem I have one with the same name and it's nice to see the approach you took with it. keep it up
10/10, very good
this is a nice poem. i like it. i can relate to it through my own experiences and feelings. it's nice to know something that can explain how i feel because i can't write good poetry and i can hardly explain my feelings as well.
This is an awsome poem because it is like me and it speaks to me
Not to sound monotonous, but simply because I can't think of anything more true to say with my tiny vocabulary: This is absolutely marvelous.
This poem is beautiful. You have a true understanding of the topic. I abosolutely luv ur poem. it makes me think of my own life and how much i love it. Ur very talented to be able to write like this. I hope you keep it up and neva give up!
I read your poem and I have to say that it is one of the very few poem that I can read and get some kind of idea of what the person is feeling. The poem is one of the best that I have got to read. Now, one of my personal favorites. I am just glad that I am not the only depressed soul in the sad little world.
This is beautiful. Keep up writing with those astonishing skills.
Very good! Sad and true, depressed people have no hope for heaven.
Love it. Keep it up.

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