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Sometimes the ones who should love us, hurt us instead.


Broken tooth
From fist once loved
Scars in unseen ways.

Trust betrayed
Inflicted harm
Lost in emotions maze

Respect denied
Flows both ways
Diminishing esteem.

Sadness seeps
To aching marrow
Laughs a far off dream

Soul deep anger
Smoulders darkly
Sustaining life long pain

Time groans on
Fades memory
Deep wounds, though,

Still remain.
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14 Visitor Comments

This poem really hit home for me. It's so true.
i like your poem it striked me well i would like to see your poems book at home they would probley intreast me! I got some of my own.
Nice. It makes me feel the betrayal you might have expeienced. Good.
Wow, this person is definitely talented. it really touched me, i know the feeling is all i am going to say.
such a nice creation. but from a sad root
I think the poem is beautiful.
this is one of e few poems tt i feel tt i shld vote for. thx for sharing such a great poem.
I think this piece is beautiful. the words and they sound flow perfectly. good work on your part.
i love this poem. i can totally relate to it. your choice of words is excellent. great ryhme technique
Hi,just wanna say that ur poem is absolutly beautiful and i totally connect to it. thanx for writng this stuff!
i loved your poem. you used good detail and i really get what your trying to say.
Hi i just wanna say i know how you feel and this poem really touched me! thanks
yo i like ur poem. good word choice and good ending
Nice and simple but intruguing.

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