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It is my hope my poems may somehow reach an abuser and open their eyes. Child abuse needs to stop and I'm grateful for the chance to write this poem

Daddy's Faltering Love

Why is daddy mad?
I tried so hard today.
To do everything he wanted.
And to stay out of his way.
I feel bad that Daddy,
From God, was given me.
He wanted a child,
He could be proud of.
Not me as I can clearly see.
I don't understand it
Mommy says she loves me, too.
But when daddy hits me
She says there's nothing she can do.
Other kids at school.
Speak highly of their dad.
I don't think he hits them.
Or they, too, would be sad.
I want my daddy to hold me.
And bounce me on his knee.
Instead he thinks that I am bad.
This request is not to be.
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48 Visitor Comments

I have gone through all that. and I am 14 now and even though my father stopped I don't ever see him as a father. To me he is a stranger. And this poem made me really cry as a remembered everything that happened. It has a lot of feeling to it.
I cried when i read this. I had an abusive father(he was my real dad) Everynight some one would be yelling screaming cursing. I remeber once my dad held a shiny pistol to the side of my moms head when i was five and said that if she did something(i was too young to remeber) he was going to blow her brains out. Then one christmas he knocked over our christmas tree and broke alot of stuff. I could never have friends over because i didn't want them to see the holes in the walls my dad had punched. And i remeber that he pushed my sister u against walls beat her senseless and then one night around eleven o' clock my mom and sister were talking very quietly. My mom told me to get dressed and wait in the car. moments lator there were some cops banging on our door waking up my dad. I watched from our car in the driveway. years lator i find out why my mom had left. my dad had been molesting my sister wow your poem helped me remember ALOT of memories.
this is a really touching peom im 12 years old i've never been aused in anyway though i do right some peoms on my spare time i feel bad for women girls and children that have had this happend to them i wish this could all just stop and there would be peace to our world again
I can truly relate to this because this is how i feel about my dad and i hope i can learn to FORGIVE him. But i loved the poem though.
awwwww very gd!
i really like this poem. it is very touching.
powerfully written.
This poem reminds me of me and my father. My father has never hit me, but he has come close to it and sometimes he really scares me. I know he loves me, but osmetimes i feel like he wishes he coulda had someone else, another boy maybe. But i can really relate to this poem, it is beautiful!
I have something to tell you that I hope makes this worth while. Because of your poem a sweet 14-year-old boy finally called the police on his pedophile step-dad. Thank you, some of these things are almost quotes, all the stuff about deserving it and such. I read him your poem and he broke down crying. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all you've done.
mockery to malice
Such a real life experience. Honestly, every thought and emotion that was conveyed was the exact way I felt from the age of 8 years old. My father did many things to me and my mother, and all I wanted to do was be perfect, so that he would be proud of me. It really helps to know that someone else understands and can express it in a way that I have never been able to. My screen name also describes my whole mindset now. Anyway, the poem was excellent. I appreciate the fact that someone voiced how I feel on paper, so that many other people can read and understand. Now I know, I'm not alone.
This was a very good poem it made me cry inside. I'm still a child 12 at that but i never had child abuse but i can prvent it from happening from other children god bless your soul and may god bless p. s. your poem was a pleasure and it gave me ideas about making article and talk with my family so we can stop child abuse for other kids because everbody is a somebody.
I think my life would have been peaceful ,had there been no father to me ,to my beloved brother,to my dear sister!
it's so touching and I hate the father in the poem ):
I am truly moved by this poem. It shows the failed attemps to please a father by a young innocent child and a worthless coward of a mother who doesn't dare defend the life she had created with the monster who's destroying it right then.
That poem was so nice and it made me cry it really touched my heart!
i like this poem alot. it hits a certain spot in my heart because i know first hand of what child abuse is all about.
i write alot of poems myself and i just want to say how brilliant i thought it was, it touched in the same way my poems touch me, it sounds as if it is purely from the heart
i love this poem. brings memories from my child hood. this tells my friend's past made here change so much yet still scared. it made me cry.
This is the saddest poem I ever read in my life!I'm 13 and sometimes my daddy hits me but I know he loves me. But that poem still brought tears to my eyes.
You always feel its your fault. you always feel your bad. thank you for writing what I cant speak.
i liked this poem and it touched my heart it made me want to hold my arms out and give that little kid a hug
i loved this poem it reminds me of my dad. i cried when i read this.
this poem was excellent it mad me cry cuz i used 2 git abused by my mom
This is the most touching poems ever. *sniff sniff*
hi i loved the poem i know how it is to get abused i still do by my father so i know how it feels to feel down and unwanted.
god bless you! your poem is just what people need to hear. my dad died two years ago, and he would hit me and tell me that he hated me, the last thing i said to him was "i wish you were dead" the next morrning my dad was liying on the floor dead, he had an anurisum, which flooded his lungs and he died. now that he is gone i have found out that he had an abusive childhood, so he didnt know any better. every night i pray for him and that he is happy where ever he is. if i could turn back the clock i would have never have said the things i did, he was a great dad sometimes, you just have to forget the bad things that happend in you life, the people who caused you pain and made you sad because i is normaly because of pain in their lives that makes them put pain into yours. i am only 16 so i have so much to learn about life, but i think my dad thoght me so much i would never know if i had never had him in my life. god rest his soul. xx
This poem really hits home. It brings out alot of emotion and so many memories, all that were very painful, but to cry about it finally is relieving.
this poem hit me hard, i cried after reading it reminds me of my youth and how i was thank-you
i never realised how good poetry is i had to gets poems for my english assignment, and the child abuse poems touch me very much that it angers me to know that this is really what happens.
I loved it it spoke to me and it made me cry a lot.
wow. i was searching for a poem to send my new husband on how i feel about him treating the children. OMG. this is so much my home. Sad i know. Im just speachless. it made me cry thinking how such a sad poem could hit home.
My dad is verbaly abusive. He dosent realize that he hurts my brother and i. He does things like not letting us use the computer, even if we need it for homework, and useing it to play games. Then when he gets our report card back he yells at us aggain. Once mom pointed this out to him, but he just yelled at her too. but look at me complaining, lots of kids dont even have parents. Anyway, I loved your poem. it realy related to me. thank you alot for letting me have the wonderful pleasure of reading it.
Hi I'm 28 yr old mother feels single mom most of my relationship plus I have 3 wonderful children that really opened my eyes about my additions and my behaviors and how was treated as child that it was not my fault and that i didn't deserve to be hit when i just wanted a kiss and a hug most of all acknowledgement that i existed that not too take on roles when you are a child still today I'm child at heart because I forgive myself and my dad ,spouse, mom ,family because I really love myself who I'm really are is strong spirited woman who is on this mother earth to teach my people these 7 teachings in life most to be positive role for my 3 children and them too won't have to grow up miserable they can live like a child at heart too,just like their mother its not too late to change start Today.
Thank you for your poem, i know a lot of people can relate. me being one of them. Obviously you can relate, and i am very sorry for that. No one should ever have to feel that kind of pain. Im fixing to be a mother and the only thing i can think of is how i never want my children to feel the pain my father made me feel. Good Job and Thanks
This poem reminds me of when I was a child!
i used to be a victim of abuse, however i found someone who gave me the strength to be strong and tell someone and help me to get a way from it. thankyou for this poem hopefully it will reach another child who is abused and will help them to be strong also
My name is Crystal I am a 35 year old Mother of 6 who this has really hit home with 4 of my Children belonged to my husbond of 15 years the 2 oldest did not. this Man was very mean to my children and me also. I can look back now and see that they tried so hard not to make their Dad mad but when they did they would cry and tell me that they try to be good but they cant. they really beleived that it was them and not him. I have now got out of this realationship after 15 years and I can see everyday how much better my children are they laugh now and they get to be children for a change. but it took My second child who was 15 at the time to get preganat to make me see what it had done to all of them and to say not another child will I let come into this house so I left with my kids. now I am a Grandmother of a wonderful baby girl who was born June 18,2002. witch my daughter gave a name that fit this whole story her name is Destiny, so if anyone else reads this poem take it to heart and if you know in your heart that a Man is mistreating you are your children please listen to your heart and not let your head talk you out of it. these kids are put in our care by God and we really should see that they do not have to live in fear walking on egg shells all the time.
this was another sad poem, but i liked to read it
Oh well..cant stop dad hit me for 8 yrs n this poem touched my faded memories.its just an awesome collection of words..jus great.God Bless u Pauline
for the longest time...i have felt the same way about my father as you have described in your poem. that was when i was a child...I'm 23 yrs old now , he would never think to do that nowadays..if i ever talked to him...its been giving me alot of trouble lately for some reason...i can't stand the fact that my father doesn't care about me enough to see that i'm a human being like him who has feelings...and resent the fact that my mom just watched all those yrs....the scar on my face makes me sick everytime irun my fingers along it
A very deep and imotional poem. I do hope Pauline that your poem does reach even just one abuser.
I started to cry when I read the poem, it is just what i needed to verbalized my feelings for my dad
it sure hits home. I was sexually abused like 1 out of every 4 americans are...this will touch many people sadly enough.
It shows how innocent the children are. That children believe that they are to blame. To me this poem is the greatest and she be on posters and things.
This poem brought tears to my eyes and saddness to my heart.

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