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This is a poem about people that are wrongfully convicted. And sent to either jail or prison. Later finding out they are innocent.

Wrongfully Convicted

Some people are wrongfully convicted.
Putting in Appeals, hoping the charges will be lifted.
A prison cell, now their new home.
Entrapped, inside razor barb fences.
With no more freedom to roam.
A lot of precious years, will be lost.
At somebody else's cost.
Taking everything day by day.
The only thing left to do is hope and pray.
Maybe some day, the real criminal will meet their fate.
Wrongfully convicted, and having a lot of hate.
Pushed through the system, so they can close the case.
Not able to accept what has happened.
Sooner or later, it will have to be faced.
Innocent as hell, we shouldn't be here.
Living a life of constant fear.
Maybe, they'll realize they made a mistake.
Hopefully some day, when I awake.
I will hear I'm a free man.
And a journey home, I'll take.
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18 Visitor Comments

The poem really touched my heart my uncle is serving time in jail for somthink he didnt do. i miss him so much it hurts not having him around. My life is not the same with out him around
This is a very true poem! I really can relate to it because my stepdad David was convicted of a crime that someone else did and he ended up getting 1-4 years in prison over it! HE IS INNOCENT! The bad part about it is the guy that is GUILTY only got probation! The judicial system is ALL SCREWED UP! Thanks so much for writing a poem like this!
The poem spoke the truth about what our courts and society do to people! Dottie
Your poem really touched me my 18 year old boyfriend just got sentenced to 4 years and still has more convictions to go up for im really hurting right now and just want him in my arms.
I have a boyfriend in jail so I know how you feel! His name is Sean! He is though getting out this year on December 9th. So cant wait I'll give you an amillion :)
Oh my gosh i sat there and cried for the longest time cuz your poem really,really touched my heart and i know how it fills to be away from your boyfriend, my boyfriend is in prison for life cuz he killed his uncle, and im so glad for you that you get to see your man again some day. I loved your poem, it touched my heart and brought out tears from me and my boyfriends sister!
This is a real poem, it touches the nerves and my soul. My 17 yr old son is going through the throws of it all now. How can one soul be accused and set up and have their life just taken from them at a blink of an eye on one persons say so? I too live in a circle of darkness that I don't think I will ever be able to step out of. Because my son is innocent as hell, but I'm the mother, his best friend, and no one will ever believe me.
well this is a nice poem because i know how it feels to have a love one in there my guy were in there and he came out so hope your friends come out to much love and keep on trying and being there for him
My Boyfriend Justin is in Jail. He was wrongfully convicted. I miss him he got sentence 15 years (at the age 20)he is only doing 4 1/2. i cant wait till the day he gets out in 2008 and i can hold him again . Thanks it brought tears to my eyes.
This poem really hits home My 18 year old boyfriend served almost a year of jail because a 15 year old girl wanted to mess around with him he told her no so she got mad and told the police he raped her now hes out of jail but has 10 years of probation and has to register himself as a sex offender. It sucks that someone took his freedom away. but the truth will come out and someday shes gonna pay for what she did to him. There's so many cases out there just like my boyfriends some even worst. All we can do is pray for the innocent in the system. because what goes around comes around!
This poem really made me realise alot of things. Im only 14 years old but i have a 19 yr old brother in jail. Its hard not bein able 2 see him at the moment, and the last thing i remember him sayin 2 me was I luv you. Ur poems mean som much, Thanx. From samantha in australia :D
When i read this poem i cried my eyes out. My bf is in jail becuz of some stupid reason that should have never have happend. When he went away i didnt say anything to him,when he called i wouldnt talk to him,when he wrote letters i wouldnt read them. I was so mad at what he did i just couldnt talk to him. When i read this poem i thought of him and how living in jail is hard,and by me not talkin to him was makin it even harder. So i when to see him for the first time in a year. Thank you. :)
My boyfriend Justin is in jail right now. It's very hard to know someone in there cause people look at you like you did something bad. I miss him a lot. I hope your friend gets out soon.
My brother was wrongly convicted for very long and never did they let him out untill everyone one in my family died and there was noone to take care for me, they still have not found the criminal, but he almost pushed me to sucide. great job!
This poem is wonderful. Today one of my friends got put in jail for rape. We all know he is inoccent, but nobody can prove it. This poems has deeply touched my heart.
This is a great poem. My dad is in jail right now and I am praying for the day he will get out and i can hold him. Thank you I cried
This is the best I have read so far related about this subject , I Love this very much , and yes it brought tears !

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