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This poem is about a relationship I recently went through. The only way I could actually see what I was going through was to write it down. I finally saw that things weren't right and I now have someone way better. If you read this and think that it sounds like you then please don't sit by and allow it to go on.

The Bad One

With you I thought it would be great,
My life would now be complete.
But then I started to hate,
Every time we had plans to meet.

The feelings I had for you,
Used to make me melt.
Now I'm feeling blue,
Because I know how it really felt.

I made myself forgive you,
For all the things you did.
Still the tension grew,
From every strong hit.

I used to make excuses,
For every single bruise.
Now I know the abuses,
That I really went through.

So afraid to tell,
But more afraid to not.
Dreading the hell,
That would follow this plot.

I finally found some hope,
In my life of terror.
Because now I've learned to cope,
And everything is clearer.

I've found someone new,
Who's helping me get by.
I'm getting over you,
And no longer do I cry.

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5 Visitor Comments

That poem really made me think about what kind of guy i want thank you Alicia
I love your poem so much! Nothing like that has ever happened to me, but it happened to someone i know. I'd write more, but i have yto go oyut to dinner now. i loved it! :)
this poem really touched me i almost cried at tha end! well this is really a good poem and the author that wrote this is good! keep it up!
I feel your pain and I am so glad that you got your hurt out in words. No man is worth pain, and your life. I just recently learned that.
This poem was very touching and made me feel like i was not the only one that felt that way.

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