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How can a child deal with the abuse of a drunken father. Perhaps by writing poetry many years later ?


Pitied man.
I held you once
In such a high regard
And waited on a fathers pride,
A single guiding word.

But drunken fits
And angry shouts
Filled places meant for warmth,
Slowly killing all respect
And turning love to loathe.

A child cannot understand
The power of the brew,
The undeserved striking hand,
The emptiness in you.

Passing time dulls the ache
And clears the eye to see.
The problems that you had back then
Belonged to you
Not me.

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6 Visitor Comments

this poem really reminded me of my childhood, growing up with my abusive step-father.
This brings back old memories!
I really enjoyed reading this poem. Besides being beautifully written, it brings about the issue of how terrible child abuse really is, and inspires people to help in the prevention of this "epidemic". I feel empathy toward you for what you went through, but am glad that you realized that the violence you experienced at the hand of your father, had nothing to do with any fault of yours, but was your father's problem alone. I'm sorry that he took it out on you, but you seem to have some sort of peace now. My thoughts are with you, please continue writing.
your work is great
thank you for this inspiring poem, i can relate so greatly but have never found the right words God Bless
It's very rare to find a poem that I can relate to completely, and even more rare to find one that says what I would better than I could. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

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