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Every time you watch the news, you realize how lucky you are. We have a home, family, friends. Yet, sometimes we all hate our lives. But why? It makes me feel guilty when I complain about some messed up relationship or some little misfortune that comes my way. Then I realize how lucky I am and all these obstacles seem so small compared to what many other people have to suffer.

I'm strongly against bombing in Kosovo. I feel the same way about Milosovich. I just don't understand why innocent people on both sides have to suffer from the stupidity of people in power.

Looking For The Sun

I hope I never have to suffer
The way you do.
And I don't even know
How much life deserted you.

My misery is just a joke
Compared to what you must feel.
My greatest fear is an illusion,
To you, your fear is real.

You cry for help,
But you know they don't hear.
They're just too far
when you thought they were near.

You see no light
And you gave up on looking for the sun
Cause you need miracles
To come along - to find it.
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16 Visitor Comments

This poem was so great that i had to tell people. Its has realy opened our eyes to whats going on in society and had drastically changed they way the we think. thank you, u dont no how much this has effected me =D
i had my friend read your poem and it helped her a lot. she was dealing with physically abusive parents at home and your poem helped her stand up for herself against the monsters she calls parents.
loved it so much that the pome made me cry.
I read quite a few poems on here today, and yours is the only one that really made an impact. Very nice writing!
Very touching poem . People get so caught up in their own problems and think no one else has problems . But everybody does in some way or another .
I am a refugee and I just wanted to say that no one has ever put it in such a simple way, I relate compleatly. briliant work
i thought your poem was really good because many times we don't know how people feel its good to recognize that not everyone is going through the same things.
Hey, I don't dwell on the past and I look to the future to heal my wounds. I have gone through alot. and I know I'm not the only one. I hide my past very well, no I dont lie, just change the subject when "I" or my past, or even the now, comes up. It terrifies me. to know that what I went through is the norm! And I hope it gets better, thats all I can do. is hope!
a very good poem,it helped me with my english studies to changing perspectives.
Great poem. Makes us really think doesn't it?! Thank you for a wonderful poem.
I love how honest your poem is. Whenever my friends complain about how crappy their lives are, I try to tell them about the people who REALLY suffer and go through challenging things. They don't usually care though and think their problems are more important. But I'm glad you wrote this poem so I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way!
Hey I really loved your poem! Its soo like i duno but like great My friends all think im like some depressed freak but they dont like understand! but yeah doesn't have anything to do with the poem just saying its really good and like can relate to real life! it s great!
For a long time I have been trying to tell my friend how I feel when I "suffer." It never came out the right way, and when I read this poem, it described so much of what I feel. My friend has sooo many problems and suffering, that when I feel like I am suffering, I think of what she must be going through, and I began to feel guilty like you said, for ever feeling that way. I just want to thank you for making me realize what I felt and what I needed to say to her. I hope that at some point in your life, you get the break that you may deserve. Thanks again!
This poem I see describe myself. Not as the one whose pain isn't real but the one with real pain and people think they know it but have no clue what I go through and sadly never will.
nice poem!
That's a great poem.Nikki you should write somemore and let everyone see your talent..

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