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This poem is about the unfortunate loss of innocence when a child dies. A mother watches her young child get beaten to death by gang members, feeling helpless and hopeless all at once.

The Fight

Bloody, broken, bruised, and branded,
Fractured ribs, the punch has landed.

Battered, wounded, twisted legs,
"Let me go!" the victim begs.

Now doubled over, spitting teeth,
His mother screams, consumed with grief.

Show no mercy, fight to death,
Till a broken body's all that's left.

There's no reason, none at all,
To cause this high-aimed youth to fall.

"Help me! Help me!" He gasps and cries,
But knows they'll beat him till he dies.

Pathetic soul left all alone,
Bloody face, shattered bones.

The mother wails, "It's not his time!"
They will pay for this vicious crime.

With no regret, remorse, or sorrow,
The gang will strike again tomorrow.

Now roses lie upon the grave,
Cherished friend we could not save.
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44 Visitor Comments

This poem is sad ,touching it breaks our hearts when we read it
Beautiful poem really really sad and i hope i wont ever go thru that. This is a great poem tho very heart touching to lots of people good job again
I almost sobbed with grief at this brutally true depiction of the evil world we live in.
This Poem touched me. It reminded me Of all of my homies that got killed from the other gangs when the gang had no reason what so ever to kill them.
This was such a sad, but true poem, nobody really takes the time to think about this type of problem in society, they like to think it is just something that people show in the movies and t. v. i give it a 10
Ireally like that poem because I can relate to it
It was really touching. Had a lot of feeling and the rhyme was extravagant. It's like a song to my ears.
I love this poem!
i love your poem it really reminds nme what goes on in the city that i live in and the school i attend you hear about things like this all the time
this is fantastic and lovely poem. keep it up!
This is deep. Im not one to share my problems, but i went through this with a friend too.
this was a very good poem however it was sad unfortuntely this happens everywhere but somehow i think in my part of town it happens regularly and it is painful to see a friend die infront of you but good job i know i couldnt have been able to come up with those wonderful but true words
this is a very touching poem
Well what can I say about this? Wow really sums it up. I think that touches everyone that read it. It was great.
This was a really sad, but gret poem. It really makes people think about how some people treat eachother, Thanks for writing!
i really loved this poem it touched me so much because about 6 months ago i lost my best friend who was also my boyfriend to a stupid gang who beat him till his death. i really reach out to those in the same position as me and i hope people will stop being so ridiculous and beating up innocent people
I really like this poem. I started to cry. My good friend is in a coma right now after being beaten nearly to death by someone. It's so hard to see his mom so upset. He is her only child.
this reminds me of a friend i had. and a victim of a gang. there are gangs all over the place and i dont c why ppl want to do stuff like that. dont they ever realize all the people they are hurting?? this poem touched me. really good poem.
This poem was very excellent in my opinion. It shows how a little fight can turn into a big thing.
This poem touched me deeply. I am a former gang member. now I am in Law Enforcement. I struggle to this day with the fallout of a life steeped in violence. Destruction seems forever at the door. thank you. Kris
Really good. I'd give it a 10 (1-worst, 10-best)
i really love your poem my friend is dead because of a stupid gang i love the way you write i think your really good i love it a lot
i loved it so much.
well,this was a very powerful poem. The same thing happened to my very close friend and my other friend is dealing with issuses that might lead to that. But i did love the poem.
i cant believe people would do this i think they should get beat till there dead or almost dead to see how it feels uh people like that dont deserve to live.
Hey! What'z up? I just read the poem The Fight and that is a very sad story, my older brother when through something like that and now his face is all messed up and he almost died. But I think is vote from me would be a 100% good. Laterz
i loved this poem becasue it really touched me and my freind i showed it to her and we both fel i love with it we asre goin to tell everyone about this poem and thanks for putting it out there so someone like me can find it
This poem was really sad it made a tear come to my eye.
I've never read a poem about a pysical fight in this way, but well done!
your poetry has a lot of feeling in it, thats what i enjoyed about reading your poem.
i think this is one of the best poems i have ever read before , it makes you picture it as you read along with it.
its so true, sad, and yet again true.
{sob}. I had to leave the library so that my friends wouldn't see me cry. I couldn't sleep at night. Beautiful poem. Thank you.
this was such a sad poem.=(
a beautiful heartfelt poem that brings a tear to the eye i'm sorry
I don't know why but this is my favorite poem EVER! I REALLY like how the author tells life how it is. good job!
this poem touched me heaps. it is so sad that i started crying
I loved this poem. It almost made me cry. I dedicate this to all the people we've lost. It was very touching.
This poem brought tears to my eyes. It really highlights what vicious savages the peopl eof this world really are. Fantasticly simple and effective.
I feel for the author of this poem!
I love it.

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