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My parents fought a lot when I was little and I find myself afraid to love anyone because I may end up like them.

What They Can't See Kills Me

Watching a child, watching the fights,
Crying my sleep during the screams of the night.
Nestled in pillows, overtaken by tears,
She'd never realize this would effect her over the years.
So afraid of this monster, one that I hate,
It comes from the anger so the pain it makes.
If only a mirror could save it to see,
This child is hurting,
This child is me.
So scared to fall in love, but tired of being alone,
I remember all those tears,
And the pain they have shone.
Now no longer with youth,
But old enough to say,
I can't ignore these memories I live with,
I live with then everyday.
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46 Visitor Comments

your words describe the way i fel exactly. i have experienced similar situations and still do to this day. i feel your pain.
i like this poem. my friend is going through that. i don't know how she feels but this poem helps me understand better.
wow i loved this poem its so powerful and great keep up the awesome work
It just reminds me of myself.
this was like i wrote it myself and it is wierd that your name is kimberly too i love this poem veyr much ha
I am now 13 and it was that long ago this was me.
this poem is totally me. i love it but its sad but also understanding.
I loved this poem it let me see the pain you were feeling
Your poem really touched me heart niCE JOB!
Its yet another poem I can relate too, except this time it's me who is suffering the realites of this poems
I really liked your peom and I can relate.
This is a great poem. Of all the poems I have written I have yet to touch base on this part of my life. I grew up the child of an alcoholic who beat my mother, and though, thank god, I was never beaten-Now at 28 I still live with the daily fears, memories and trauma of my childhood. Parents out there need to realize that even if your spouse is only beating, ridiculing, or verbally violating you and not your children, if you leave them in this situation, they will pay the price forever. Your poem should be put into domestic violence pamplets or something. Keep up this kind of writing!
This REALLY Touched me, i think its because it is always been what i think myself and seing it in rrhyme in this clever way made me touced even more. This is such a great poem and , will touch people, espesially, like me, the people who have experianced this :):)
this poem is kool my parents always argue too :(
i just want to say your so right. this poem really effected me and thank u for writing it and sharing it. im going through everything in that poem and im just 15 i got my life ahead of me and its hard 4 me to 4get what my dad did, well what im tryin to say is thank u for making me feel little less alone. . . . Haley
This Poem touched me because when i was younger i had to watch my parents fight everynight. It was horrible.
I know how you feel cause my parents split up after my grandma died. it was hard but then i realize that someone out there might know what i had when through and maybe we would be great together. you never know.
i can relate so much, this poem is perfect. i love it
This poem really got to me b/c when i was younger i used to get beat everyday,by my father and now he is jail b/c of what he did to me!he put me in a coma for 1 month but now im here and still am haunted! write more love reading them
i really understand this poem. i cant forget i dont think anyone can.
This was a great poem I understand completly. I got tears when I read it. Thanks that was great
this is very touching and very sad.
i really feel this poem its brilliant lv sarah
i am a teenager and write poetry to express myself everything that i meantion in my poems is about being hurt and lost and heartbroken and it is you that has given me hope so thnx so much you are an inspiration to me. Peace out.
I can relate to your poem, it is something a child should never have to go through.
i think your poem was just like my life in every way, my step-father abuses me and every day i live in fear of him doing it again,and all the pain that he caused flashes before my eyes every time i wake up. it was beautiful and it touched me,keep up the good work
This poem brought tears to my eyes as I thought of all the children that go through this everyday of their lives, parents don't realize that how they live effects their children forever. What a shame !
i especially liked this one. It sums up literally everything i went through with my memories too.
My parets too fought alot when I was young, but at the age of six, they split up and my mother married again and I hate the man she did marry, he hit me many times until there were bruises, my mum didn't care, all she could do was watch. I am scared of falling in love also, because I don't want that to happen to me, I am also scared to have a child, because I remember that pain I felt, and still do today. Thankyou for making it clear that I'm not alone. Please write more, I love reading them.
I voted for this poem because it really touched my heart in a special way. There are many people out there who can say they relate to this poem but don't reall know how it feels to be afraid to love someone. This is something that I went through in my daily life, but now I'm not afraid to love. LOve is the thing that keeps me going everyday.
The subject you talked about is very sad. I can feel the sadness in your words. If i wasn't wrong, your words also containes anger. I hope your poem will influence those parents who still don't know how their loved child feels when they fighting in front of them.
I love this poem! It says what i have been thinking my whole life.
This is a very good poem. Keep up the great poems
I love that poem but im sorry that it happened to you. I wish you luck in the years to come.
I Love when i can relate to a poem thankyou for putting your thought's on a piece of paper
Thank you so much i know how you feel. this poem means soo much to me. i read it everyday and it helps.. thanks you..
I can relate to this poem so much. You never know how much of an effect yelling a screaming will have on a child until your that child. I love this's so true to real life and I'm sorry that anyone else had to go thru this.
I loved your poem. Me and my mom sometimes cry, when we remember the pain. But we still grow strong
I am in tears. I am a 16 year old girl and grew up watching my father beat and torture my mother daily. I can completely relate to what you say about being afraid to love. Even harder than that is being terrified of letting others love you. This is a terrific poem.
I loved this poem so much. I could relate with it because I went through the same thing. The poem was beautifully written and I brought tears to my eyes remembering the time when I went through it all. It was so horrible and there are scars inside that will never heal.
this is an awesome peom
As a young girl my mother and father also fought a lot. It hurt me a lot and I can relate a lot to what the author is saying.
i love that poem it is what i am going through right now ...thankyou for making such a true poem for all of us to here
This poem helped me realize hardships in life and how i can overcome them!

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