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This poem is written for all who have loved and lost. Love sometimes blinds our heart as well as our minds. Sometimes the cost of passion is death. As a nurse, the victims of AIDS confide to me that they were so much in love they didn't think about precautions. This poem hopes to prevent harsh judgements against those poor souls.

To the patients I have lost and to my friend - I will always be there for you.

Deadly Passion

You gave to me deep satisfaction,
As you held me in your arms.
I felt warm, safe and secure
From all life's deadly harms.

Past warnings vaguely enter my mind -
I thought he loves me, he's not that kind.
Quickly we were swept away In mind boggling rapture
Never thinking that AIDS I might capture.

Now as I face life's lonely dread,
Visions of our love dance through my head.
For you are gone now and soon I'll follow -
Death for passion is the cost I swallow.
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16 Visitor Comments

i think that this poem is excellent and it nearly made me cry xx
i cried when i read the poem cause i have a son that is h i v pos. he is having a very hard time with it. he is trying so harsd to deal with it but he is very depressed. he is deaf 21 year old that is guy andhe got the virues from a guy in peoria ill. that new he was pos but he chose to pass it on to the younger people out there. my son trusted in this man and there relationship and gave in to him. people like him need to be stopped. so you young adults i beg of you please please protect your self when it comes to safe sex thank you for listing a worried mother sharon
Ur poem really touched my heart!
it is heart wrenching to know that this is an all too common thing, in not just the u. s. , but all over the world. my prayers to the millions facing this deadly enemy.
This poem is so touching it put my eyes in tears. i loved it.
i'm so sorry.
I think this poem is 1 of the best i have ever read. u did a great job at writing that congradulations
This is a great poem! It really touches me because you never know who can have AIDS, all you can do is be honest and safe! Thank you for the lovely poem.
i would give this a 10 outa 10 supper good ^. ^
My sister . without thinking. had sex with her boyfriend after 3 years. . knowing he had aids. but she loved himso much. and they used protection. but i guess. it broke? or something. She now has AIDS shes fighting against it. This poem just brings all my fears back to life. This poem is just one of the many things im going to share with people from now on. And hope they dont make the same mistake she did. R. I. P. TIMOTHY
That was truly great. Really and truly GREAT.
I'm speachless, you. your poem, OMG! It touched me. The last part. I'm so sorry, all that can come out is that, I'm so sorry!
I loved this peom. It reminds us that we are all human and weak, weak to love, trust, and diease
i loved it
this hits right at home 1996 i lost my belove brother to HIV thank you so much

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