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Some are fortunate enough to never experience this. Most cannot fathom the pain and fear.

This poem is about child abuse.

But Only Three

My name is Misti-
I'm but only three.
My eyes are swollen shut,
I cannot see.

I will always remember,
the lessons I have learned,
Now I have bruises, and
from all the cigarette burns-
My name is Misti, and
I'm but only three.
I hear a car...
It's my dad-
drunk again-
coming home from Charlie's Bar.
My name is Misti, and
I'm but only three.

I hear the door-
my name is called,
I pray to God for the pain to stop,
As I squeeze myself,
up against the wall.
My name is Misti, and
I'm but only three.

Tonight God answered my prayer.
He made the pain go away.
My name is Misti, and
I'm But only Three-

Tonight my father murdered me!
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158 Visitor Comments

oh my gwad this is so sad =[ its a really good poem, i really got strong feelings from this. keep it up
this poem is so sad but very good Ithought it was very touchiing in side and this stuff does actually happens.
this was a really sad poem but its a eye opener its a good one.
crying really great but sad poem nice job tho. ending made me hurt more
This poem really touched me, because it's really sad that people out there are actually sick enough to do that to anybody let alone a defenseless three year old. A classmate of mine did this poem for a poetry presentation assignment about the elements of poetry and we were asked to pick a poem from the internet or a book, she got a standing ovation from the teacher, needless to say she got and A. The poem touched everyone in the class because after the presentation everyone had a tear in their eyes. So on behalf of my class i would like to thank the poet for making such a beautiful and meaningful poem.
this touched me
I understand and it's funny how children adapt no matter what happens to them. I was abused as a child, this poem brought me to tears, more so her exceptance of what was going to happen!
This is a very sad poem i had a 3 1/2 month old baby die back in Febuary. i cried my heart out i found out on my way goin to work. thank you ashley
How do I say this. I was reading this to my sister and I read through already sad by the third line"swollen eyes shut", but when she said My name is Misti I'm but only three Tonight my father murdered me! I was brought to tears and my sister gasped. I know these things happen, but when you put words to it, it's like a slap in the face. I loved the way you didn't sugar coat anything. I love how intense it was. It was like I was talking to this little girl and her dad came home and she had me hide and then I watched him beat her to death. really good poem.
that was so sad yet such a good poem.
I really liked this poem and fell so bad about the lil gurl the father has problems! i really enjoyed the poem thanxs!
This poem has really touched me and made me cry. I hope this is not true my heart goes out to all of those children who suffer from child abuse
wow this poem is intense it made me cry a little
All I can say about this poem is ::tear tear::
:'( reminds me of well. never mind
I went searching for a sad poem to post along with something I wrote about a 3 year old who was murdered here in Las Vegas,Nevada by her mother. No one knew who she was for close to a month. They killed her then threw her body in a dumpster as if she were a piece of trash! It was her grandmother who lived in California who reported her missing, she hadn't heard from her daughter. I am very angry about people who abuse a child. I hope the mother rots in hell! This poem caught my eye, it's perfect and sad for how far some people go .
I have never felt like this before in my life. I really liked this poem,but i got angry at this so called father in the poem. If he was a good father he wouldn't kill his three year old child. I cried when i read this. It shocked me so,i actually read it once more. Please if you read this write another that one was touching. Love it lots. THANX.
this was a very touching poem and i will never forget it it touched me alot.
i really liked it. its something thats really going on today in the real world. it makes me angry to know we got them kind of people that wants to hurt and abuse little children. keep up the good work and one day someone will wake up and stop this. there needs to be more poems or more people who care that would put a stop this abuse. the one who loves this poem,margie.
thank you soo much for your peom. i called like all my friends and read you poem to them. they're all crying. all i can say is thank you.
I've just read this poem and it made me cry, it's horrible to think that this can/does happen in our world. Good poem, well done.
I want you to know I felt moved by this poem. I had a nephew who went through so much abuse with burns and beatings. This poem really made me cry. The first time I read it I had to print it and send it to alot of my family, because I felt this is what my two year old nephew really felt. Thank you for writeing this poem. It is sad, but it is true to far to many children.
Kriselda Mae
That poem really touched me!
this touched my heart and touched my soul. I was her as i read it, i waited for the sound of the door and i pushed my body in to the wall hoping it would be absorbed in to it. That night God saved her in the only way left she new how. She would have let him take her, and i only hope it was quickly. i was a bit older and i was just lucky that it was my turn to be saved.
This poem really touched me, so did it touch the people i let read it
it wasnt just a poem,,,this is real life and what happens on the outside,,,that poem touched me dearly,,,it just gives you a terrifying feeling on the inside! BEST POEM THAT IVE EVER READ! thanx
this poem is very touching and unfortunally i no the pain of being abused. the ending gave me chills lol
jus wanted to say while reading this disturbing but toching poem i had goosebumps all over my body and it almost made me cry
I have a two year old and i can't even imagine the way he feel about anything. I just ask that the lord help me to help him have a wonderful life and not let him grow up worried about anything. I am so sad for the mother of this child.
I loved this poem my heart stopped i love this poem.
I didnt think that would happen but really made me think. how why this brought tears to my eyes.
its such a sad poem tht i cant stop reading it makes me cry and i can not stop i understand this poem so much
ouch! the ending just sends you crashing. so sad. things like this happen and we'll never know just how much it hurts to be there. awesome poem. it really gets the point accross.
I love this poem because it so touching i remeber me and a group of friends frist read and last yr. We where doing aproject and we looked at this one after reading this 1 we were about 2 cry.
Omg this poem made me cry i wanted 2 help that lil girl evnthough it was just a poem. It made me just soo fusterated with the world how can sum1 be soo mean 2 a lil kid?
This poem really touched me I'm sorry that, it had to end up that now god all mighty has him under his wing.
My insides are slightly tingling, but also slightly sharply poking me harshly with a needle. I've seen this poem on e-mails that were sent to me and I wanted to know who wrote it, I finally know who did. I heard this is true but I'm not sure, this poem touched me so much, it is as if I were there watching this little girl Misti get murdered by her father and feeling her pain and fear. If this poem becomes a classic, I shall remember it forever and the feeling it gave me.
this poem is soo sad i'am crying right now even thow it didn't happen to me.
Hey, That was a great poem. I cried because it was good
Hi Oh my God, I near fainted for real when i read the last line. Let's pray for the innicent little lambs. The pain, oh so i feel u have touched the heart's of steel LINDA
This is so sad!It brought tears to my eyes. It so sad how a little girl have to lose her life to her own father. Now she is a better place far from harm and danger.
My gosh. I just got the chills. Wow. Thats all I can say. Wow
WOW! I'm still crying this is the third times I've read this poem and it always get to me. Even my friends cry. Keep up the good job.
It's really touched me.
that poem really touched me because i have a 3 year old son and when i read your poem it made me think of how much i love my son and would never want him to go through the emotions that the child had to endure.
this poem was good , but serously i got so mad we i read this poem my stomach hurted!
my heart dropped into my stomach when i finished reading this. although the abuse i suffered was of a different nature, i still feel i can relate, still feel the same thoughts as the girl in your poem did. i only wish mine could come true. well done, its a very special poem.
My god this is so very well written, I am a former child of abuse and this poem moved me very much. to whom ever wrote this god's speed to you and your family,and your endeavorers,Viveca. oopa forgot my vote AAAAAA+++++++
This is the most haunting, horrible, unforget- able poem I have ever read. I just keep coming back to this. I can't get it out of my mind. I keep seeing Misti praying to die!
oh my god! i am so crying right now! and i havent cried in years! im serious! this is the only poem that really touched me inside!
That Poem made my stomach twist and turn! I felt so angry!
I liked the poem because,God does answer our prayers!He brought her on home out of harms way,away from the abuse and fear of her own flesh and blood,HerFather!
this peom tuched me in so meny ways this is a grate poem I give a lot of creaded to the person who rote it.
my heart stopped
there aren't words.
I have to agree~My guts are turned upside down feeling like someone has a tight grip on them and gettin tighter with every word~This One is going to be a classic For sure
This is a very strong poem and one that will help to send a message to the world. Whilst reading your poem I was that child and when I read the ending my heart leapt into throat. It is such a terrible thing for an innocent child to go through.
This poem can touch anyone that has a heart. I think this is the most saddest poem that I have ever read.
Hey, your poem is the only one to ever bring tears to my eyes i feel heaps for the 3 year old how could someone do such a thing to someone that young and precious. it touched my heart.
I cryed when i read thes it was so touching
This poem was so sad it made me cry and im only 15.
Wow. This poem really blew my mind. I sat up all night reading this over and over again, thinking about this. This is such a great poem i can't even describe it in words. GREAT JOB
wow. your poem is very touching. this poem realy moved me. ive been through this kind of abuse. its not fun at all. it hurts deep down inside. your a great poet
What a touching poem.
This poems is very touching and it lets people know that there are people out there that knows what is going on and they will help if you need it! i love this poems its so real! its an everyday poems!
you'r poem is so sad but so well written.
Very moving and touching
This is a wonderful poem that unfortunatly some people can relat to. Keep up the wonderful work.
I loved it. It was the only poem to ever make me cry.
this is the saddedt poem. just earlier my friend was telling me about it and when i red it, i realized this was the one she was talking bout. awwwwwww. sniff sniff. tears! waaaaaaa! :*(
When I read this poem I couldn't help but cry. I thought it was very sad but it also hit me in a place no other poem had hit me before. Not only in my heart but in my soul. I'm a young writer only 16 years old but I've been through the abuse with many boyfriends my mother has switched on and off with. It really is a shame what this whole world is coming to. I hope the author of this poem didn't experience this off hand like losing a child to abuse. But the poem is very good.
sad my dare counsler read this to us i cried so much. it made me think of what would of happened if i did die
Oh my god! That poems has terrified me in ways never thought possible. My chest is tighting. I feel so bad that this could or will ever happen to just a child
you rule! im in tears on this end! :`S thank you!
this poem made me think about all the really horrible things that happing all the time in our world. Thank you for wright this pom, it really helped me to realis that i can help stop some of the pain in this world.
This poem has really struck a chord But for the fact that my sister has voluntarily fostered a child of almost three, that child could have been in the same predicament. Although of no help to Misti, by the grace of God, at least one small child has been saved.
we love your poem. it was so sad. we have decided to do an english assignment on this poem because we feal that it has something to teach all of us and it realy inspired me and my friend danielle and we would like to thank you fr making our hearts open to abuse.
i saw this in an email. i didn't know YoU wrote it. i have always thought it was REALLY good and i'm glad i found the original writer.
this poem made me cry, it is a good one
thank you for this poem,it really hit a nerve. child abuse is a senseless and all to frequent crime. my heart breaks when i think about the suffering and pain that so many children experience.
OH MY GOD,I felt the pain it also made my cry. I'll never forget this poem.
uumm. i really liked this poem a lot
oh my goodness! right now. as i type this comment. i have tears running down my cheeks! this is a horrible poem and i think that something seriously needs to be done about child abuse! people like that man do not deserve to have children. they don't even deserve to live! i hope that man lives in regret for the rest of his miserable life!
i have went back to this poem a few times to read it,,,it is so very sad,but makes a person think and wonder ,that this happens all the time in this world - makes me cry each time i read it
This is a very sad poem. I heard one just like this but its was more detailed and grusome. I just can't believe the people out in the world today that could and probably would beat a child. It really touched me in more ways than one.
this poem is very sad and i think that all fathers who do this to their children should be a shamed! this girl didn't do anything wrong. she is punished for his problems. she didn't deserve to die at the age of three. she could have growen up to be a bright and successful women and he striped her of that privlige in life! this poem stricks a point and should be remembered always.
Reading your poem really made me think of how unfair life is. People say that god brings happiness to the world and that he saved us by letting his own son die. Things like child abuse and death make me think is there really a god or is that just what society want to believe for a sense of comfort?
this poem was very good and sad i couldnt beleivwe that it was true
man that was really touchin, i felt shivers all over my body. it is sad cause it reminded me of the time when i lived wit my dad and he always beat me up and my sis for nothing. and even though i dont know if it really happened or not i feel sorry for the little girl.
I too pictured a little girl hiding from her father knowing what was comming once he found her. How sad, it makes you th ink of every thing that goes on out there in the world and how sheltered a lot of us really are. Keep on writting this was really good and sad it really did bring a lump to my throat and DaMb it was sad.
Your poem really opened my eyes about child abuse, some people don't think about it, but it is all around us and affects everyone!
I LOVE THIS POEM it is the best i have read! I would like to say i will pray for anyone who is going through what this little girl went through or anyone who lost somebody!These kind of poems really interest me because some r u really sad
the poem was really good. it was so sad though and it made me cry
That was a really good poem, society bares its burdens upon us many and many a times.
this is a very powerful and touching poem, a real eye opener to what some children have to live with. A terrific poem on such a sensitive issue.
sad but true the world isnt what it is cracked up to be
I know the feeling
I think that this is a very good and touching poem. it really made me cry because my lil sister was beat by her stepfather and many other people in her family she would always wish that the pain would juse go away and one day that pain did, that was the day that i had adopted her and brought he into my life. To this day that is MY sister flesh and blood. She is now protected from harm.
omg!~soo sad
WOW-- that is so sad
this was very sad. i cried
This poem is really good.I read it and I was like this really does happen 2 little children and you made me feel like I was there.I could picture and little girl and her dad drunk.It just got to me!
Best poem i have ever read!sad but good!
Boop this is an amazing story and it has inspirered me to do many great things! I know what this little girl is going through and this should not be going on and one day it will stop! thanks you very much!
this poem was very is scary to know this really happens
I cried the first time I read this poem,then I email it to all of my fiends. it is a very good poem. I think that you should publish this
ONE AMAZING POEM I HAVE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.. the last line was really the most touching. awesome
Thats a fantastic Poem.. So sad. but yet so true. maybe some day we can keep children safe.. GOD BLESS..
this poem was very touching and it is very heart breaking. these poems like this need to be put out more to get through to other people.
this poem was the saddest ive read it braught tears to my eyes. its horrible that such a young child would have to go through that and live such a short life
this poem is so good and so touching that i keep returning to it day after day its so upsetting yet such a powerful way to get a message across.
I cried inside Excellent
This was a n awsome pome. Well written and brought a tear to my eye.
Oh my God my hearet has hust droped with this poem it is so moving and proves the pain and suffering must stop.
this is a great poem but very sad
That poem really touched my heat and was really catchy.
I'm sorry but that is not how that poem goes..that poem was written a long time ago.coincidence my name is the same.maybe.just wanted to let you know you shouldn't take credit for something you didn't write for something so serious.
My God what a poem. I really don't know what to say.. It touched me.. It really did
i thought this was a really good poem. i wasn't ready 4 the ending
this poem was short yet very powerful it made me cry and i had to show it to everyone i know.
It is so sad on how ppl treat ppl these days. This poem reminded me of two other stories that something like this happened. A three yr old boy killed by both his father and his step mother and a little baby not yet 2 yrs old whos body was used to get drugs into the U.S. they used her body. HOw can ppl live like that? Knowing they justed kill a Baby? we need to help children out of places like that before there are no more children
When I started reading this poem I was trying to put myself in Misti's position and imagine how painful the whole ordeal was, and thought I was successful. But when I got to the last line I was broken. The last line is so strong, it could make anybody cry for sympathy for poor innocent Misti. I only hope she is done with the pain and hope she is in eternal peace, away from pain. A great poem That I hope I will never forget but never want to think of again. Sorry for Misti. Though I don't know her, I love her as much as I can.
This poems is in the sadest way, very common, no one could have done it as well as boop, i give the author props! And the ending is bitter sweet..
fantastic yet very touching
GOOD. Really touching.
What can I say. Is it beautiful? No, never can such a thing be beautiful, but it certainly is an eye opener for all of us. Thank you for that.
Oh, this is such a good written poem. It`s very sad, and it makes me cry, but I know it`s reality for some kids. Thank you.
this poem gave me chills to the very core of my bones. it felt as if i heard and saw the child, almost felt its pain, its one thing to take your own life its a whole other to take someone eles's this poem will surely always stay with me and i feel deeply sorry for all those who have a hard life, it makes me feel like someone else out there understands my difficulty too, for my father was convicted of molestation.
This poem is reality with a capital R.
It was touching. It made me realize that abuse happens to all people in many different ways and strengths.
Oh my God!
I loved this poem, it was so touching, it made me cry and think..about all the pain some childen have to go through. This poem was truly a magnificant one. I hope it makes some people realize the pain people feel and how we take life for graned!
Coming from an abused background, I can relate to this poem. It is great in the way it gains response and is effective in it's purpose to show the true feelings associated with abuse.
This poem depicts child abuse in a haunting way. I have a son who is 1 year old, and I would never dream of putting him through anything like that. The way you have got your point through is fantastic. It will make people think twice before lifting their fist. Brilliant poem
I thought this was a great poem. It really moved me and made me realize what kids really go through at a young age. I cried when I read it.
I loved this poem because it reminded me of my childhod and it really touched home it even made me cry it was good it was verry good.
This poem moved me so much. You should contact an organization for the prevention of child abuse about using your poem in there advertisments in the hopes that it will open someones eyes. Thank you for sharing your poem with everyone.
This is the best poem i have ever read! I liked it very much.
I loved your poem it was really touching, i am so happy someone got out and wrote a poem like that because to many peole don't understand things like this. I am a person who really does undertand thins i had a father just like this. Thanks for the poem i loved it
I was sexually abused as a child (4), and to see that someone as strong as you was able to touch my heart so deeply. I love your poem
this poem touched my heart. if only the world could see and hear more poems like this maybe then the message would get through to them.
Nice Poem
wow.....raw, shocking, striking. the last line was heartbreaking. good job, boop.
it is a good thing u understand rhis important matter and again thank you for
knowone could have said it better!your grate!
What can I say? Sad, but in today's society all too common.
I think this was a very touching poem. Some kids have that problem and it is good for other people to know about it!!!
i think the poem was sad, but i had a friend who was killed by his step-dad, so i know it does happen
It made me cry so hard.
This is ONE OF THE BEST POEMS ON THIS PAGE.. i think this peoms brings alot of sadness out.. its really good.. i love it ..
It's a very sad poem but it happens all the time. It shouldn't.

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