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Sad Love Poems (101-150)

  • by Steph
    Playing with another's emotions is cruel. And every single one of us has done it.
  • by Kelsey Roedel
    It's easy to regret the things you've done. It's even easier, and all too human, to regret those things left undone.
  • by Glenne Hopkins
    Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.
  • by Dae
    Some feeling leave only questions in their wake. No answers, just questions.
  • by Samantha Masales
    When we think of tears, we inevitably think of pain. But tears aren't always what they seem.
  • by Debbie Ledet
    What goes around, comes around. We hope…
  • by Sara Birkett
    Whether spoken or silent, there is a promise in loving someone. When the love is lost, the promises broken, the pain still remains.
  • by Clare Ireland
    The beautiful poem is a glimpse into another's heart and soul, revealing Truths learned through the joy and pain of love.
  • by Howard Bellaby
    The world goes on, unchanged, unchanging. Yet, still, it seems so different when love has departed.
  • by Heather Gomez
    Fearing the loss of that special someone can be nearly as paralyzing as the actual loss.
  • by Jfreak
    Our words and actions don't always coincide with the love in our hearts. And the result is often pain. And never ending regrets.
  • by The Tifferrific One
    Just when you think you know someone…

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  • by Kerri Souza
    It's hard to believe the person we loved, the person who loved us, could ever be cruel.
  • by Paulus
    It's hard to say good-bye. Almost as hard as saying "I love you" can be…
  • by Dawn Rising
    Not all relationships are healthy ones…
  • by Kristie
    There are always memories left in the wake of love - often triggered by the simplest things.
  • by Rena' Du Bois
    This poem is about finding love, losing love, and still having the courage to start over again.
  • by Jennie Henry
    Does history really repeat itself?
  • by Terry Le
    When love subsides, sadness flourishes - To have a special and trusted friend during that time is invaluable...
  • by Nicole Mendez
    In this poem the author faces the truth of a "one way" relationship. She loves him, but he doesn't return her affections - an all too common circumstance of love...
  • by Lauren
    When lovers go their separate ways, one is usually left still wanting...
  • by Zapata
    When lovers part, and go on with their own lives, they sometimes reminisce about those days bygone - and their lost love...
  • by Jami Kanapesky
    Letting love go is sometimes one of the most difficult experiences of our lives. Knowing when we need to let go can be even more difficult.
  • by Heather Glover
    As much emotion as we feel when we love, we seem to rival that feeling when love is lost. Going on with our lives can be very, very difficult...
  • by Jayzee
    Perhaps the only thing worst than losing someone, is then having to face that someone again and again.
  • by Jayzee
    This poem uses powerful, evocative words to paint a picture of pain and loss.
  • by Tappity
    Perhaps there is not greater pain than that of betrayal.
  • by Craig Harrell
    Love can hurt - especially when you're the reason it went wrong.
  • by Sheila Blair
    A beautiful poem about loving and believing in someone, only to lose both.
  • by Angel
    When one person does all the giving, and the other does all the taking, there can be nothing left for either except pain…
  • by Daphne Vega
    The chains of love can be hard and cold. And who has the key?
  • by Michael Howland
    This haunting poem explores the dichotomies of a love.
  • by Janie Howell
    Sometimes, the pain inflicted by others is, in reality, self-inflicted…
  • by Angell
    So often, when love is lost, we are left with feelings of hurt and anger. But not always. Sometimes, a love is so strong it seeks, instead, to understand…
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    Sometimes, we are left with feelings of betrayal, as if our feelings were never seriously considered.
  • by Jamie Norris
    Maybe the mystics can do it, but normal people have it tougher. Try to not think of something. Just try…
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    Love and trust aren't synonyms, but maybe they should be. When one is violated, the other can be destroyed.
  • by Tammy Walton
    Love can be a very frightening thing. Missing that love can be even worse.
  • by Cathye Haney
    Needs and longing can be very, very powerful emotions.
  • by Judy Burnette
    How long does it take for love to perish? How long for a life to change?
  • by Moonshyne
    When love is gone, what do you miss most?
  • by Adz
    Time seems to flow like cold molasses when our heart is in pain.
  • by Moonshyne
    Sometimes it's better to remember the good times, rather than the bad.
  • by Di
    Many poets have compared love to the beauty of a rose. Did they forget that a rose is destined to die?
  • by Samantha Masales
    Sometimes we just wish that it wasn't us getting hurt.
  • by Lauren Burnett
    Sometimes, we are drawn inexorably to the wrong person. Again, and again, and again…
  • by Angelina Merrill
    Sometimes you can reach and reach and reach, and still never connect.
  • by Kim Housewright
    Even when a relationship is over, the love can still go on forever...
  • by Jenn Farrell
    When the one we love leaves, a lot of confused feeling rush in to fill the vacuum.
  • by Joe Leblanc
    Pain can become a cascading waterfall, flowing from one - to another.
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