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This poem I wrote for a friendship and a love that went wrong. I don't know why but this special someone in my life still cares. I try to understand it. But I hurt him and I now wish I would have stayed with him. He means the world to me. I don't know why I got so scared and pulled away. Maybe I was Afraid of true love. I'm just glad he is back in my life now.

I Miss

I miss our talks,
I miss your embrace.
I miss the walks,
I miss the smile on your face.

You were always there for me,
You showed me love beyond compare.
Why could I not see?
You had so much love to share.

The closer we got,
The more I pulled away.
I guess I was scared of the closeness you brought,
I wish I would have stayed.

I still wonder why,
I got such a scare.
As I think of this I sigh,
I hurt someone who really cared.

I just hope you can forgive me,
I try to think of why you still care.
Try to make me see -
I think in a way we will always be a pair.
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13 Visitor Comments

This poems fits me so well right now. I hurt someone that I love a few years ago. Even though I don't know why he still loves me as much as before.
hey i just wanted to say i did the same thing and your poem really reminded me of the begining of my relationship and after i let in i married him. that was a great poem to all who no just what a future can hold if u just try it
Very very touchy was this poem. Looked like this poem was written for me as im going through this stage in life.
Hey i realy liked your poem it was verry touching.
very very touching
this poem was very moving! it totally sums up all my feelings about my best friend and how I felt after I told him I didnt want to be more than friends and how the relationship drifted apart. keep writing, this poem will forever leave an imprint on my heart!
Thanks for writing this poem it says how I feel about my ex! we were together for almost 2 years and I broke it off because I thought that I was too young and I wasn't ready but now I know that I am
it was very moving!
This poem says the right words. It summed up my Ex's and I relationship to the T. I thought that I would never find the perfect poem for our complex situation until i read this. He loved it and also couldn't believe how it seemed to have been written from our hearts.
This work described exactly what happend to my girlfriend and I. It inspired me and made me realize what I had done wrong. Thank you.
Good poem i love writing poems also
"I miss" is very true and deep.
I recently started dating, and I was with a guy for three weeks and I dumped him. I don't know why I dumped him-I just did. I regret it so much now b/c I still love him but he refuses to talk to me! This poem describes the way I feel so efficient, that is scary!

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