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This poem is about needing to make contact with someone, and the longing that you feel.


My heart cries for you.
It's all I hear day and night.
It haunts me crying,
Crying for you and your love.

These empty arms crying out,
Wanting, needing to embrace you,
To make physical contact,
To hold you close to my heart.

The need for you consuming me,
Over shadowing everything,
Reaching out for you,
Crying out for you.

Touching empty air.
Sinking down in despair.
Wanting, needing,
Reaching, crying.

Loving you so, needing you so,
Dying a little each day.
The need is so great.
The pain so strong.

The emptiness inside so great,
So dark, so lonely.
Just a big void,
Waiting for your love.

Needing the warmth
That your love surrounds me in,
Aching for the rays of your sunshine,
That your love brings into my life.

Needing, wanting,
Reaching, crying,
Always for you,
My love, my life.
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5 Visitor Comments

I am voting for the poem entitled Needing. It reminded me of a poem I wrote about my fiance and really touched me.
the emotions in this poem are so strong
This poem is great i cryed during it because i cant be with the one i love. this is really how i feel i hope you write more.
I love this poem it explains how the guy that I dumped felt after I dumped him now I feel bad that I dumped him.
This poem is so real to me. It's the way I feel about the person I love and that I cannot be with. My feelings are strong for her and unbearable. I feel lonely and incomplete without her. This poem describes the pain of my separatin from her.

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