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This poem is about the sorrow felt from a loss, along with a "Thank you" to the special person who helped to endure that sad time - a true friend.

Forget Me Not

I tried to be strong when you broke my heart...
I did not cry, yet now I do; for we're far apart.
You told me you loved me - so sweet and sincere...
You made me so happy, I had nothing to fear.
As time went by, what we had flourished and spread...
All was unspoken, no words needed to be said.
And then came a day, when something went wrong...
All I knew I could do was hold on and be strong.
It was so sudden; you gave no reason of why...
I felt so numb and empty inside; I just wanted to die.
Sadness consumed me, yet I fought to stay whole...
I took so much for granted, and this was my toll.
Blinded by confusion, I felt so lost and helpless...
And then there was you, someone so kind and so selfless.
My one true friend - I give you thanks for all you have done.
You mean the world to me; you're my moon, my stars, and my sun.
And once again I have lost another friend;
All I can do is wish that we'll soon meet again.
I hope that I'll meet with all who I love,
In that great place called Heaven, right up above.
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13 Visitor Comments

Thanks for this poem. I've underwent a lost love and some of the lines applied to me and my lost love (and I will NOT drink red wine regardless of Ali Campbell's 1983 hit 'Red Red Wine')
To all the people who commented, I very much appreciate all the positive feedback! I wrote this poem nearly 8 years ago (WOW!), and I've occasionally come back to read the comments. I'm excited to say that I am in the process of getting my own personal webpage up where I will posting poems I've written over the years. When it is complete I will provide a link so that if anyone is interested you may take a gander at that :) Cheers and thank you again to everyone who has posted a comment!
May be you love that person deeply for you to write those hard words. I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one to suffer a lot in that cruel world where love play with you. Perhaps we'll meet in that place named HEAVEN.
beautiful simply wonderful i cried it hit home thankyou
This is a great poem written straight from the heart
i thought this was very touching from you heart not your head. it reminded my of looseing my best friend when i was only 12 ive never met anyone like he and i miss he soo much i still can't get over her and mourn her everyday because friendship never ends even in death
I too have lost quite a few friends, this is a wonderful poem.
poem is very inspiring and sweet
that was so beautiful
another great poem,and that the same way I feel some time.
All the time i thought mine was the best but yours was better than mine and the rest all the time yours was better so that is why im writing this letter as you can tell im a poet and this is the best poem that is here and i give it a full 10/10 mark has a good mixture of everything in one persons life. Awsome keep it up
i realy like ur poem, i think it's pretty tight. just wondering how many poems did u write them? does it took u that long to make a poem?
This poem is so beautiful i think you have to have a good heart to write something so pretty. Good job u have my vote.

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