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I've realized that the hardest part of ending a relationship is realizing all of the things that were overlooked, misinterpreted or left unspoken. We learn from our mistakes and carry this knowledge on with us into every new experience. This poem puts into words the feelings of inadequacy and resentment I felt after leaving a long and unfulfilling relationship.

Say It Now

You never told me how my hair shone in the sun.
You never wrote poetry about my eyes.
You never kissed my lips like they were precious.
(They yearned more for your words than for your mouth.)
You never craved the curve of my hips.
You never took care of my hands.
(They were weak but I would have made them bruised for you.)
You never caressed my stomach.
You never touched my legs.
You never brushed the damp hair
behind my ears and sang all the
songs that would have been my salvation.
And now the time has passed,
my body is old and tired.
I no longer desire the passions of contact
as much as the words you could have whispered,
"It would be so, if we were alone. "
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6 Visitor Comments

I love this poem, ive had the same partner for four years now off and on. and this really explains the way i feel about her since I broke up with her- good work. very deep
Awesome. Each day I realize more and more the crap I did wrong (or more appropriately in this case what I didn't do that I should have done). Great poem.
Great poem, explains just how I'm feeling
this is so real....thank you
bravo !
this poem means so much to me and the words are so familiar

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