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This poem is about my first love that was lost. The promise of love that hurts when it is gone. But I learned that love will always be there in one way or the other. You just have to search for the promise and not be scared of love. Just be yourself and move on.

Love Lost

The wind flows through my hair
And dries the tears from my face

I look around at all the beauty
And think of how it was then

When you loved me with your heart
And promised to never leave

But that was then and this is now
Your love for me is somehow gone

That promise you had made
Is no longer for me to have

To never love you again
That's why my tears fall

To never have that promise
Belong to my heart only

Your love taken from me
In my world of happiness

Never to be at my side
Or in my arms during the night

The wind so cold I shiver
Does not dry the tears

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8 Visitor Comments

i just recintley broke up with my 1st true love well i figurd out that if he/she if they dont care enough to go back out with u their not worth it just carry on with ur life you'll find somebody better you'll find a true soalmate sonner or later
Touched me at a time when my fist love has just split with me after 3 years. Helps to shed the tears and pain.
I really like this poem. This is how i felt with my first true love, Fernando. I'm never forget him.
I love this poem cause it just how I felt,when my boyfriend broke up with me!!
very good, thats the poem i was looking for.
I love this poem, it reminds me of the time when my love, Robb, broke up with me. I used to sit on the porch alone crying in silence. Sometimes i got sad knowing that the tears i shed disappeared when the wind blew.
very touching,very true.
GREAT poem. it's one of the few pieces i could really relate to. :-)

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