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When I found out that the latest apple of my eye was leaving, I wrote this poem as a goodbye. She never admitted any feelings she may have had towards me and I never asked . . . kind of a one- way type of relationship, but I enjoyed it. When you see a person every day and fall in love with them, it's tough to see them go. I know that I'll never lose those memories I have, however few and no matter how trivial they may seem.


looking back upon time spent
chasing dreams and desires
fueled by a passion
I could not disguise.

I think of what I should have said
and what I should have done
disgusted with my inability
to express my self with
the clarity of my feelings.

one day will come
when the realizations of truth
will overcome the veil of doubt
and the misfortune
of lost chances
will be yours.

while the hours together
draw to a close
and your fleeting wave
will be all I have left
the images I have stored
in a special section of memory
shall last throughout all eternity.

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4 Visitor Comments

I really like this poem, and it brings back lot of good memory. Thanks for the poet and I really appreciate you post it here. Could anybody please let me know more about the poet? Johnson
Pokey Bagel
Awww that is so sad.
I really liked your poem I know exactly how you feel My BF recently(well actually it has been about 4 months but it seems like yesterday)broke up with me and I miss him so much. Now he is moving to another state never to return to me again.
This poem reminds me of a girl i fell in love with but never had the courage to tell her how i felt. when she moved away, she never knew that she had taken part of my heart with her. amazing poem

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