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Even when a relationship is over, the love can still go on forever...

I Still Love

You were the first I'd had
The one I'd wanted for all time
And I was so glad
When I finally made you mine

We laughed and gazed
It was all so new to us
And one sweet night
You said you were in love

Then something went wrong
You wouldn't speak
And you wouldn't gaze
Without even caring
You said we were through

Now you've found another
And you share the stars above
But I just have to say
That I still love
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13 Visitor Comments

this poem reminds me of my true love not there no more. and i really like it. keep working.
amasing. very very sad though
That was a great poem i liked it alot.
I liked this poem and wish there was more like it. I too was involved with a friend which we became lovers and then back to friends and its hard to be friends when you love that person as much and more so than you did before
For when the night came and drew away the stardusted memories of the love I shared with a lady fair lost in the night I see her appear as a thousnad moments before and in that one isatant our love will always live true. I still love you. Great poem Kim Housewright
I really can relate to your poem. I shared the same passion and feelings for one and he will always hold a special place in my heart. Great poem!
Than you for writing this poem I was trying to write one that was like this but I couldn't! I just broke up with a guy like 3 weeks ago and thats exactly how I felt and I do feel and not even 2 weeks after we broke up he was with someone else
its a real beautiful poem you have..=)
that so happen to me and the last part still is true!
Reminds me of my first luv
This poem is so beautiful!
This poem is fantastic! It describes exactly what happens to a lot of women.
This poem says everything I feel. I almost started to cry! This poem is great!

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