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My poem is about how a girl is hurt once before, and vows never to let herself get hurt again, and block her heart from love. Then a new guys comes along, and she can't help but to fall in love with him. After awhile it is clear that her love has a drinking problem, and things aren't going right. In the end she finds that no matter how hard she tries, she cannot change the person, so she must let him go.

Once Again

I promised myself I'd never fall once more,
The look in his eye I would just ignore.
I tried not to notice the gentle way he touched my skin,
My heart, I knew, I would not let him win.
Then something happened, and I finally let go,
I let him love me, and loved him more than he'll ever know.
Once it just took his smile to warm my heart,
And never could I imagine us being apart.
He showed me how love was meant to be,
And truly he meant everything to me.
I'm not sure when things started to go wrong,
I thought we could get through, If only I was strong.
But somehow everything I said was never quite right,
Never could I make him listen, though I tried with all my might.
He would just keep drinking, no matter how I cried,
And say he did not care if our love lived or died.
I vowed I would stay by his side forever,
No matter what happened, I would leave him never.
I stood by and watched him waste away,
I tried to stop him, but there was nothing I could say.
I finally realized there was nothing I could do,
And I knew our relationship was really through.
I said good- bye and walked to the door,
As he watched me go, his bottle hit the floor.
For the first time ever I watched a tear cross his eye,
He looked at me and asked, "Why can't you try? "
I walked away that day, promising, once again,
Never will I let anyone break my heart, once again.
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24 Visitor Comments

iam going though the same i tell him all the time to stop and some times i wish he will leve me. i wish i was that brave
hit my soul
Thank you for this poem i really nice and i tear fell of my eyes this is all about by realationship its beatifull
Chilling. You clearly have shown how experiences shape all of us. Great job.
Hey,Im Laura's friend! I think that you are a great poet person! I love this one! LoveTeresa
OMG i love this peom it rocks becaz its so true
I love this poem. I can relate to this poem on so many different levels. This is how I felt for so many years. Thank you for writing this beautiful poem!
Awesome. I've felt the same way as you do. I guess it's good to take comfort that we all can be scared and we all can be hurt bad, no matter what are age, sex, or race is.
very well written! this poem was the best ive read so far!
i thought your poem was really sad and nice.
I agree with what you said. I am going through the same thing.
your poem made me cry *rolls eyes* What's new? but really, keep up the great work
The poem was written beautifully
That was such a beautiful poem. I actually had tears come to my eyes. Very well written.
This poem is soooo sad! Oh my god but it is a really really good one though and it explains what most people go through and i no that i felt the same way i vowed to never love again but..well thats a hard thing to do. But anyway this poem is the best one yet!
this poem iam voting for because i just went through the same situation as she explains in the poem and it broke my heart to pieces this poem is the one i vote for
I LOVE this poem! I have to say that I shed a few tears as I read this one a few times. I don't know if this was written from a personal experience of the authors, but it hit home for me in a big way. I know I made the right decision, no matter how hard it was. This poem helped me to remember what I already knew; that I had made the right decision as the girl in this poem did. Thankyou for sharing this with the world.
that is exacalltly how I feel about love i dont ever want to fall i love again because every time i do i end up getting hurt one way or another and i cant handle it anymore
This poem made me cry so i had to vote for it.
This poem is like my life. I cry when I read it..every time.
I, liked the poem very much!! I, just love poems exspecially this one. I'm a poem writter myself. Nothing more to say. Bye
This poem touched me deeply. It was wonderfully written.
This is a great tore at my heart. It reminded me of what I am facing now in my life.

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