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This poem is a about my first love, and how it kills me inside that I lost her, I lost her for not showing her how I really care and I wrote this to show her

A Fool Like Me

Why does it hurt so bad
to lose something I never had
To have these feelings and nothing to do
just sit around and wait for you
Why is it so hard to move on
knowing what we had is gone
Is there a place where happiness is
Even though there's still a fizz
In my soul when you are around
your name is a beautiful sound
Now all I can do is wonder
I lost it all in one little blunder
By not telling you how I really feel
trying to act like its no big deal
Now I know the nature of my errors
I just wish I could get rid of my cares
Yet I can't now my heart won't let me
get rid of a person who fills me with glee
Just by hearing her sweet name
Knowing my feelings are still the same
I must move on to a new life
Leaving behind my feelings and the strife
I am only human and I am weak
But for you there was a beautiful streak
I would do anything to repent the day
When you hung on my words waiting to say
What I really wanted from you
I chose the wrong words for an excuse
Now I am on a new track
I know now I can't have you back
No matter what I do or how I try
I have lost the apple of my eye

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16 Visitor Comments

your poem nailed my last relationship on the head it really struck me as a very powerful piece. WOW
I Dont Know why i like it . i really dont . but its amazing. i just love it
I loved the poem it brought a tear to my eye. I see you had very stonge feelings for that younge lady! She obviously ment everything to you. If i someone had wrote that poem for me, i would have taken them back straight away! 10 out of 10 for saying what you really ment. She probly really appricates that poem.
omg. this poem seriously made me cry, no lie. i completely ruined things with a guy 4 times because i didnt think that a guy like him could like a gurl like me. now i lost him for good. soo awesome poem, depressing but awesome. :'(
Hey great poem you spoke from your heart and by doing this you have help others in return. I know what it's like to be fool that why find your poem interesting. 9/10
This was such a GoOd pOeM! I really liked it!
this is wat i wanna say to him as well. we never started yet i felt a great lost. regrets.
YOU spoke from my heart , craig. it's so touching i cried . thanks, thanks a lot.
this pome is what really happened to me now i have to move on
I Lab tHIs pOEm..iT ReMinDed MeEH Of thIsh bOY..THat i sAid No TO.. aND HOw MUcH I RegrEtteD.
Very touching!!I loved it!!!
i thought that it was a great poem, cause' it rememinded me of the girl that i liked, a got my first kiss from
u did a great job at this poem craiger!!!
Those were such beautiful words..the author must have really realized his errors, unfornately, like most men, it's always to late.
great poem ... he is really talented. It's too bad that he can't express himself like this in person. You should try and get some other poems from him. They are all really good. thanks

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