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Originally written to try and capture up the poignancy of lost love, it took on a special resonance in March 199 when my friend's young wife took her own life.


The garden gate still swings the same,
The garden path stills winds its way,
Nothing's changed in the trees and the flowers,
Since the day you went away.

The door still opens and closes
And doesn't care that you're gone,
The curtains still open gladly
And the windows, to let in the sun

The carpets still are lying,
And the three- piece suite's in place,
And the mirror in the hallway's said nothing,
Now it does not reflect your face

The fire still burns brightly,
And the piano is still in tune,
And the electric bulb when switched on,
Still starkly lights the room

The newspaper boy still turns up
And the newspaper it does to,
But he no longer posts that glossy magazine,
That he used to bring for you

And the chilled pints of milk,
Safe in the icy packages printed blue,
Have never asked why now they were bought for one,
When once they were bought for two.

The flowers in the garden border,
Still lean and tremble and sway,
And have long since forgiven you,
For cutting some of them away

And the bedroom clock ticks loudly on,
Marking each passing hour,
And the bathroom cabinet keeps secret its memories,
Of watching you take a shower

No, nothing's changed since you went,
The wardrobe doesn't miss your clothes
And there's no sign of my memories of you,
I've hidden all of those

And you won't come again,
And we won't care that you do not,
Me, my house and garden,
Well survive with what we've got

Or at least I thought it was so,
Until last night through the open door,
I heard my beds soft sheets crying quietly,
Because you were no more

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10 Visitor Comments

My goodness. This brought tears to my eyes. It's beautiful.
Your poem has a nice ring to it. I like how you put the poem together. It's really a nice poem.
I wasn't sure about this poem at all. Whilst I was reading it I kept thinking that it was cleverly written, but no real feeling, until (and this really brought the poem into its own)the last two lines. It sent shivers down my spine, brought the whole poem to life and touched me immensely. Excellent Poem
I loved this poem. Just giving one example and I have a few, Would be because you can put yourself in that place (you've been there before). Somehow, Everything but Nothing has changed. The realization that the world around you still keeps on.
Could not relate this poem to my own life currently,but the emotion within it was so strong I was physically moved to tears at the end.Amazing work
I can relate to this poem, it says exactly how I feel. I lost my fianee, and the father of my child 5 months ago. This is sooooo true.
from all the other poems this was the best i have read.
OH MY GOSH! Those were the words that came out of my mouth at the end of the poem. I was deeply touched. It is beautifully sad and lovely, all at the same time.

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