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I grew up with a certain gorgeous young lady. I first met her when I was twelve. I walked into our Sunday school classroom and there she was. It was love at first sight. I tell you I fell in love with her immediately. I knew I wanted to marry her then and there.

As we grew up together she was very cruel to me, hateful. We went out once or twice but just as friends. I am so very close to her mother and always spent time at their home. So we were always around one another. I was so afraid to tell her of my true feelings towards her because I thought I would push her away. Then I got to the point where she humiliated me in front of my friends and such that I was angry with her and just tried to stop loving her. It didn't work. She tried reaching out to me the night before I left for boot camp but I cut her down and tore her heart to pieces by choosing another girl. What a mistake. Well yesterday, April 10, 1999 she got married. I will always wonder "what if".

My Regret

Word said, hearts bled
All I am left with is my regret
I loved and Lost
And it is all my fault
She loves him now,
They took their vows
Because of my cowardice
She now is his
In anger and in fear
I held her not near
So she ran to him
He took her in
And now I am left with my regret
Because hearts bled by what was not said.
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13 Visitor Comments

I really likeed this one who ever the is who wrote it has a real heart and i really want to meet him i guess !1
My life
making a poem is not that easy it depends on the heart of the writer. maybe that is not really for you but the poem is strong
dam this is one hell of a poem this poems hits the spot 4rm a 1-1o this gets a 15
this poem is awesome!. i loved it. very creative and interesting. it was really good. it touched me deeply. wow! how do u do it?
You realy know how to say it thats sad im sorry but atleast you had the courage to say how your feeling now, it was great.
keep writing those wonderful poem. very well written!
very true . it proves love is greater than pride and u shouldnt follow ur ego
It's if it's the story of my life. But i read just in time to not regret for the rest of mu life.
hey a really beautiful piece of work
This poem was really awesome and I feel as if I could relate to it.
This poem reminds me of a love that I will never forget. this poem is something he would have given me.

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