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Love Poems (251-300)

  • by Wisp
    Look in your thesaurus for the word Love - and you just might find the word "acceptance."
  • by Xallanthia Zentralthan
    This is a lovely poem about simple - but very beautiful - wishes.
  • by Rudd Stephon
    We live in the digital age, and there are now many forms of communication. But none will ever rival that of being face-to-face.
  • by Wingsong
    Searching for the perfect love potion? Maybe it's just a little thing called absence.
  • by Miss Abagail Mannering
    Can you set a price on the cost of romance?
  • by David
    Nature can provide the requisite backdrop for a prodigious dusk, and the dawn of a new drama in one's life.
  • by Travis
    For one in love, there is nothing that can't be accomplished. Except, maybe, the only thing that matters.
  • by Mike Van Rensselaer
    Marriage and family need not be the end of romance. Sometimes, it's only the beginning.
  • by Earthbound Angel
    We have a section in the Poetry Buffet for humor. But as funny and cute as this poem is, it still hold a grim Truth about Love.
  • by Ted Reynolds
    There are times when words don't mean exactly what they say. Times, in fact, when they mean very much the opposite of what they say.
  • by Leigh Anne Dawson
    There are ways to say I love you that have nothing to do with words.
  • by Andre Willis
    Love is a joining. In many, many ways…

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  • by B. Thomas
    When words are all that remain between two people, they have to be very special ones.
  • by Twin
    Is a love too good to be true?
  • by Ashley Williams
    Love is beautiful, even when it's stubborn. Maybe especially when it's stubborn.
  • by Shawna Fernley
    There are many, many ways to say I love you…
  • by Brian Mcgowan
    There are many styles of poetry, old and new. But while words change over time, Love does not.
  • by Michael Dawson
    Could heaven still be heaven - without love?
  • by Rps
    Love can be very simple. And still be very beautiful.
  • by Kym Nach
    Does the perfect love really exist? Or is it only a dream?
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    Nothing is more satisfying than realizing you hold the key to another's heart.
  • by Brett Roberts
    The people we love change us. Forever. Even when they leave, the changes remain. And so, too, do the memories.
  • by Vinny
    Beauty isn't always in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes, it's in the eyes of the beheld.
  • by Majal Tasneem
    There are many faces to Love, many ways to its beauty.
  • by Frogeeeee
    Love has a way of turning even a rainy day into a day filled with sunshine and rainbows.
  • by Annie
    Love rarely follows rules, especially when those rules have been set by the analytical, play-it-safe mind.
  • by Sadia Khan
    Dreams and Love have a lot in common. They are both a focus for our deepest wishes…
  • by Brian Samarripa
    Love At First Sight can sometimes become Bewilderment At First Sight.
  • by Tracey Stroud
    It's important to know what you're looking for in that special someone - else how will you know when you find it?
  • by Bishop
    Random thoughts about love are rarely random. And sometimes, very beautiful.
  • by Paulus
    Simple things can often lead to happiness. And to good poetry.
  • by Frogeeeee
    Love takes many guises - all with a beauty of their own.
  • by Christy Street
    A husband is not a single role, but many…
  • by Ludie
    They say there's someone out there, somewhere, for everyone. Kind of makes you wonder…
  • by Veronica Ann Cech
    Sometimes, just being together can be the greatest gift of all.
  • by Puzzle Piece
    There is no such thing as "too much love." But, when people are separated by distant miles, there sure can be too little.
  • by Geri Mooren
    Do you have a "special phrase," shared only with a special someone you love? Sometimes, it can have more meaning than you might think.
  • by Pastel Cowgirl
    This lovely poem explores a very simple, eloquent Truth - making Love last takes work, but that doesn't mean it should be a struggle.
  • by Veronica Ann Cech
    Powerful emotions can be difficult to describe - even for a poet.
  • by Ralph Watley
    This poem is very short, very beautiful - and very, very True.
  • by Geri Mooren
    Sometimes, fairly tales really do come true…
  • by Pastel Cowgirl
    Love is sometimes "all in the timing." Two people must want and need the same things in life, at the same time, to be together.
  • by Pastel Cowgirl
    Love is GRAND! This poet is enjoying it to its fullest... because life is too short to do anything but!!
  • by Ken Love
    We all fantasize about love and that "someone" special. Sometimes fantasies really do come true...
  • by Krista-Lynn Maybee
    A Dream... is a Fantasy... is a Desire... is a Reality... or are they all really one and the same??
  • by Chris Yandle
    Love. How do we describe it in words? Perhaps we can't. Perhaps we just need to feel it…
  • by Seashell
    Sometimes it seems that being apart from someone we dearly love makes us appreciate them more than ever...
  • by Versewritr
    We don't always know just what we need, but if we're lucky, we recognize it when it magically appears.
  • by Angel
    Wouldn't life be simpler if we could predict that special time when "the right one" comes along? When we're already involved, however, it certainly can get complicated…
  • by Sara Martin
    Maybe the best description of Love is a journey - from Nothing to Everything, in the beat of a heart.
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