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My boyfriend and I have a fairly strange relationship - we're always breaking up, only to get back together again! No matter how horrible we can both be, in the end (after cooling our tempers for at least a week) we always end up forgiving, though perhaps not always forgetting.

Soon, we'll be celebrating our one-year dating anniversary (if we're still together by then). In that year, we've managed to break-up and make-up exactly eleven times, so far. I guess the point is that life isn't always rosy, but if you're strong enough, you'll make it. And you can't always choose who you're heart loves. It would probably be easier if I could just walk away, but he keeps stealing my heart!

P. S. - I love you, Jeremy.

Thief Of Hearts

Call in the hangman,
We've a criminal to lynch
Holler for the Sheriff,
He's always helped us in a pinch
Someone find two horses,
And we'll tear him right apart
What wrongs did he commit, you say?
The bastard stole my heart.

Make him give it back
And maybe I'll forgive this time
Get his solemn promise he'll
Not re-commit this crime;
Have him brought before the crowd
To apologize to me.
And if he should refuse, by God,
I'll make him damned sorry.

Okay, now, I've got it back,
So you can let him leave
Give him one last lecture
On how wrong it is to thieve;
Watch him ride off on his horse
Across the dusty plains
Check my pocket for my heart -
Damn! He's taken it again!
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17 Visitor Comments

This poem is so true its like me and my boyfriend. But yet i still love him.
It made me laugh and smile, and most importantly, remember.
I felt the same way the girl felt. I too had a thief still my heart. My whole fight was all over something stupid and we have parted ways after 4 years. Like the girl in the poem demanding him to say sorry. Finally she gets it and lets him go, only to realize she still loved him. All he had to do is say i am sorry but he didnt. He took to long and now she felt it wasnt real when he gave it to her. She love him so much but she couldnt let it show. She couldnt let him know he got to her. Just as he couldnt let her know she got to him. So they both part with each others hearts. Just as I too have done with the love of my life.
I really liked, okay, loved this poem because it talks about how women and girlos really feel inside. This poem is great!I think that you showed what people go through in todays world.
i showed this poem to my girlfriend we both love it. we always break up but we love each other to much to broken up. good luck to you and your boyfriend
I loved your poem, I know just how you feel! Your a wonderful poet! Keep up the good work!
I really like this poem. I thought that it was funny and cute. It is different from your typical poems about relationships. It is one of the best that I have read.
I am experiencing the same thing right now. Difference is that I am a older woman "almost 32" and someone "20 years old" have stolen my heart. We both of done crazy and horrible things to each other, but keep getting back together. Most of the damage was done by me because I figure if I told myself I didn't care for him long enough or act like it..then I'd end up believing it. We cannot touch without starting a fire. At times I feel foolish, and I ask myself why is it acceptable for older men to date younger women, but its a different reaction when its the other way around. I even lied to stay away.pretend that Im out and about happy. We both try to move on, but we're only fine until we are face to face. No one ever thinks i'm anywhere close to 30 because of my looks etc. I fear what I feel, but it keeps happening. He has stolen my heart.this poem is factual!
I think this poem is cute and the author has a unique and impressive style. I really like it and it is the first and only poem I have voted on, truely worth my vote.
Great! Period.
What Power!! Loved it!
I just love this poem. My Jeremy and I also tend to break up a lot--albeit not 11 times in one year. It is quite lovely while adding just the smallest bit of humor. You go girl.
Excellent. Witty. Funny. Love it.
This is the cutest poem I've read! It's so funny! I love it!
this poem is great. it first made me smile and then laugh aloud. the writer should feel proud of such a fine piece of work.
great poem made me laugh

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