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Why should this find a place in the "Love Poem" category? Perhaps you think the speaker takes up so much energy denying love that you begin to wonder. Good, you're supposed to.

Sonnet: I Do Not Love You, Lady

I do not love you, Lady. I am not
in love with you. The concept is absurd.
Though, if I were, it's obvious I ought
to keep my mouth shut and not breathe a word.

For if I did speak love, I have no doubt,
as soon as I had hinted that direction,
you'd quickly shut me up and shut me out,
and I'll be damned if I court such rejection.

While if, in answer to my love, by virtue
of sheer insanity, or magic spell,
you loved me back, I then might come to hurt you
and (if I loved you) that would be pure hell.

Since silence, speaking, loving, all hold nothing for you,
how fortunate we are that I do not adore you.
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8 Visitor Comments

I just love the inside out expressiveness of this poem
it's okay, that's how you feel, i agreed with you.
I loved this poem so much. As soon as I finished reading it, I immediately applied it to my own situation. I must say that I drew some quotes from this author during my last breakup. It is witty and well-written. I would enjoy reading more from this author.
As a beginning lover of poetry, and love itself, i would like to memorize this sonnet to use in my current situation Good one!
i really liked it and understood completely. in fact i feel sorry for the author. he is SO affraid to love
Very wistful and yet sad poem. I love the way it was written. Excellent.
I love this poem! You have to read between the lines to get the full meaning of it. I would like to read more poems by this author.
Which one of us has not, at some time, had these kinds of thoughts about someone whom we much loved but from whom we were barred by social conventions and moralities?

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