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This is how I feel about the man I love. I wanted him to know that he is my everything.

Completely Yours

I drown within the clear brown pools that are his eyes.
I see the clarity and vision within the windows to his soul.
His eyes are true and clear,
His lips are so soft and warm.
I feel the earth move beneath me
When he descends his mouth onto mine.
He tastes of the sweetest strawberries in summer,
And like warm chocolate on a cold winter's day.
Sensual and warm is how he makes me feel all over,
I can not get enough of his touch on my body.
His fingers feel like silk when they explore my face,
Delicate and caressing . . . soft is his touch.

I am a woman in his arms,
His embrace is strong and bold.
Safety is what I feel when he holds me.
He protects me and always pulls me close.
When I look up at his face ,
I see the smile awaiting me there in his eyes.
Amidst his beard, the warmth of his smile greets me.
And here, I now know, my heart shall always remain.

The wind gently blows around us.
It feels as though I am lifted from this world of pain,
To one with a thousand hues of colors.
Rainbows are the carpets beneath my feet
When I am within the circle of his arms.
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3 Visitor Comments

I love this poem because it reminds me of a man whom I love as well. It is beatiful and touched me very deeply.
Unbelievable! Very, very, very beautiful!
This is a absolutly beautiful poem!! I write poetry too and this is very inspiring!!

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