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Love Poems (101-150)

  • by Alien8
    Like a small flower, love may bloom - but never have the chance to grow.
  • by Paige Blunt
    While love is seldom perfect, sometimes it seems that way. And maybe perception really is reality.
  • by John Powers
    Things always change, but, if we look hard enough, we can find that some things do last forever.
  • by Simon McNamara
    Is the end ever really the end?
  • by Laks
    Missing someone leaves little room for anything but fervent wishes.
  • by Jordan Lake
    Some find the one they love in very unlikely places.
  • by Jaisyl
    Sometimes the greatest impediment to love isn't hate or even apathy. Sometimes it's indecision.
  • by Someone
    The birth of Love depends on very little.
  • by Erin Sheets
    Is longing a feeling? Or, perhaps, a memory?
  • by Brian Hickman
    We all know love is many things, but this poem may yet hold a few surprises.
  • by David Davis
    We dream while we sleep. And sometimes, when others do, too.
  • by Keukpasangel
    Few people can really control their thoughts. Some don't want to even try.

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  • by Mary Boggs Garcia
    There is life among the trees. And more, if we but look.
  • by Chole
    The first steps on the road to Love are often uncertain ones.
  • by Dan Martos
    Is love a part of reality? Or does it simply exist within our minds?
  • by Petal
    It takes two to conceive a child. It should always take two to give birth, as well.
  • by Nicholas Alexander
    Dance - like poetry - can be an expression of love.
  • by Jillian Bee
    We all know what a kiss is, right? Or do we? This talented poet shows us much that we might not have seen.
  • by Titus Kuweruza
    Do you remember the first moment you knew you were in love? Do you remember what you saw?
  • by Marie McPoil
    A father's promise may take time, time to grow up, but such a promise must be kept.
  • by Hope
    Art, Life, and Love - have a lot in common. As this talented poet shows us.
  • by Pastel Cowgirl
    Empathy, the ability to feel another's emotions, is an important part of Love. And, at times, a painful one.
  • by Katz Burton
    Love is beautiful at every age. But there's something special about remembering young love.
  • by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
    Mix the exotic with youth, throw in a dash of love, and the result is a memory destined to last a lifetime.
  • by Sabrina Majic
    Love is a complicated emotion. So, too, are the metaphors we find to explain it.
  • by Jaz
    "My love is rose." No, no, that one's already been done. How about, "My love is a tree?"
  • by Steve
    Love changes all things - but especially the way we see ourselves.
  • by Kirstopf Bellamy
    Discovering love can be a simple thing. And, sometimes, a very surprising one.
  • by Lucie Krajca
    Love is many, many very different things. All the same.
  • by Scorpio
    For special people, there is often a Special Place. And, with it, very special memories.
  • by Chase
    There are often two people inside our bodies. One wanting to trust. The other afraid.
  • by Daniel Davis
    Love is always a gamble. And the stakes are always high ones.
  • by Kelsey Roedel
    There comes a time in every relationship when you're caught in the present, to afraid, too insecure to yet speak of a possible future.
  • by Little Jas
    Some believe Love can transcend time and space. Some believe it is eternal.
  • by Jewel
    This heart-warming poem speaks a vital Truth - we should never give up on Love, because it never gives up on us.
  • by Anne Hart
    Fear is a part of living. Unfortunately, it is also often a part of loving.
  • by Scorpio
    There is no darkness, no shadows, where this is always light.
  • by Autumn Ysassi
    There is a beauty in Nature often reflected in those we love.
  • by Tiger
    Long before we give voice to our feelings, we learn to recognize the beginnings of love.
  • by Timothy R Cox
    Can a First Kiss happen more than once?
  • by Cherrymary
    Maybe every love isn't perfect. But every love has the potential for perfection.
  • by LadyBrandi
    Some dreams do come true.
  • by William Zierfus
    Our souls speak words that can never be heard by mortal ears.
  • by Fee
    For every love there is a special song, a special phrase, a special moment - and a Special Place.
  • by Welshwitch
    Some moments are as simple as they are special - at least when they are shared with one we love.
  • by Tammy Burt
    Loneliness sets flame to desire, and desire to imagination. And we dream of what might be…
  • by Leonna
    Why are roses so often compared to love? Maybe because, like love, their significance exists only in the giving.
  • by Darkseer
    If Love is just a dream, a dream is something more.
  • by Amanda Marie
    We plan our lives just so. Then Life - and especially Love - pops up and hands us one more surprise.
  • by Starr
    Romance, those tender moments that last a lifetime, will never die.
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