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I wrote this poem for a special someone in my life, he gives meaning to my life like I never knew before. This is the first poem I ever wrote, and though English is not my native language, my love for him inspired me.

If Only

If only I could make you see
how much you mean to me
If only I could make you see
how special you make me feel

If only I could make you see
how perfect you are to me
If only I could make you see
how loving you does feel

If only I could make you see
how much you make me smile
If only I could make you see
how much I want you to be mine

If only I could make you see
that my love for you is real
If only I could make you see
that this is like a dream

If only you could make me see
that you are really real
If only you could make me see
that this is not just a dream

If only you could see these things through my eyes and mind
If only you could feel these things through my heart and soul

If All these Ifs may come true
you would finally see
that you're really meant for me
my endless love to be
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11 Visitor Comments

this poem was mad deep to me
your your poem really touched me i hope you get to read some of mines. keep up the good work.
I think this poem is so true and i think that you are really good at it and shouldn't stop writing Iknow how it is to feel that way BUT I could never put it in the words you did congrats thats way cool and I hope to read more of yours!
i oved this poem it did touch me i love some1 so much even tho he makes me sad i love him n this is dedicate 2 him ur a great riter
this is a very good poem. i wish i could write something so great like this one.
Lucky u Dear. i wish i could have told these wonderful words befor u and offered to my LOVE here. however great job.
this poem. wow. It is so dead on to exactly my situation. This poem hits directly over the head exactly so many feelings of so many girls today. Thank you so much. Just, wow. thank yuo.
hi very good
This is a beautiful poem, your english is terrific, and your emotions are true. I hope this person will your sincerity, and I only wish someone felt like that for me.
i love the poem, you show alot of emotion and i understand what ur saying
heY!~ guRliE!~ cOoLieZ pOem.. anD yA eNglisH ish Fine.. woW!~ aM tHe 1sT PerSon Ta wRitE heRE.. e N waYZ aM sRue MoRe PeEpZ wiLl wRitE iN HeRe. yA pOem ish Fab.. TaTa ^_^

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