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This one is written to someone very close to me - my Husband. Although there are days and nights where we don't always see eye to eye, I know that everything will come to pass. And I know that he will always love me. And I just want you all to see how much he means to me.

A Special Love

The sky was
I didn't have a

That our Paths
would meet,
And my Life
would be so

You take my
As we Play
on the

I write "I love you"
You say "You love me, too"

I wait for
the Day,
That you will
finally say.

Will you marry me?
Can we start a family?

Now that day has
come and gone,
Our lives continue
to move on.

Not one regret
Do I have yet,
For we have finally

So now can
you see
just how much
you mean to me?

As we sit by
the sea wondering
what will be.
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7 Visitor Comments

i t was just on friday the 30th that i went to my nans funeral and i said a poem and it was absolutely beatiful and thhis poem really demostrates a loving and affectionate couple . there should be more people who read poetry because it shows people how to demostrare their feelings in an affectionate way. so all i can say ladybrandi your poem has touched my heart.
I though it was amazing. keep on writing!
this poem really opens my hearth i loove it you are the best poetrist
I love it! And I want to my dream come true!
I enjoyed this peom the best!
I can totally relate to this poem and the writing style is much like my own, after i read it i thought about submiting one of my own poems.
very nice !

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