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Like most people, I had given up on love. I had reached a point in my life where I believed it didn’t even exist. I was tired of being hurt, content to live my life without it, always settling for second best as most people do. But, the strangest thing about love is it finds us when we least expect it.

I have found someone who is doing his best to change my mind about love and life itself. He has given me a priceless gift that I will always treasure. Though we are miles apart and can’t be together yet, I wanted to take a moment to thank him for everything.

Thanks for caring, wanting to share your life with me and my kids, for your strength and belief in me, for giving me my soul back, but more importantly, for your love. It has left me speechless, and amazes me more and more everyday. You suggested I submit a poem - so I do this for you.

I never felt I was good enough to submit my poems, even though it has been suggested many times. But that’s the thing about poetry, it doesn’t matter how good you are, the rhyme or the reason, it is what comes across the page and the feeling expressed within each word written. Even if this never gets published on the site, it was enough that someone’s love and belief in my talents and me as a person gave me the strength to do this. It may not be the best poem I've ever written, but I can only hope to show you just a little of what you've helped me to see.

Thank you and God bless your mother - for having you.

What He's Done For Me

For so long I've been lonely
Drowning in my tears,
No one there to listen
Or help me face my deepest fears.
No one there to shelter me
From this world so full of pain,
No one showed me rainbows
Every time I saw the rain.

No one there to give a damn
About my broken heart,
No one to pick up the pieces
Every time I fell apart.
But, finally someone came along
And took the time to know,
All the hurt and pain
That I tried hard not to show.

He took the time to realize
How much I've had to pay,
For every time I gave of me
There was something taken away.
He took the time to look inside
This heart as cold as stone,
He found that there was something there
No one else has ever known.

He found what I'd been hiding there
Brought it out to show the world,
That there was so much love inside
Of such a lonely girl.
He knew what I was feeling
So he set my mind at ease,
Then he did the impossible -
He gave my soul to me.

So, now I'm going to take this time
To say "Thanks" for all he's done,
And hope he knows I love him more
Then life or anyone.
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91 Visitor Comments

WOW! I just loved this poem, you are so talented it says exactly what I wanted to say to my husband to be but I couldnt find the words. Now I have and I just wanted to say Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! BRAVO
That is simply eautiful. im not ashamed to admit it brought a tear.
I Love You
That was beautiful; the best poems come straight from the heart!
why did i fall in love with my best friend. read the poem. says it all
I think it was like a really good poem.
dat poem is TIGHT!
i though you wrote a very nice poem and i hope you keep writeing more.
I too have found someone who lifted me up after a bad fall, and in this short time that we have been together I have too felt my soul return, and my heart slowly open. This poem is the best that I have read, that truely expresses how I feel for him! I print it today for him to read using your words that I could never speak! Thank you for taking the time to submit this, it speaks what I too feel!
Wow! I just wanted to say that is a good poem. YOu know what to right about because its coming from the bottom of your heart how you feel about someone. I liked your poem a lot it relates to a guy i'm thankful for but i just wanted to comment it was really good. And I hope you did give that poem to him
wow what can I say, this just left me speechless, it garbbed my heart and dont think it will ever leave, its my past and whats happened to me, thankyou
This poem spoke to my heart and expresses the same feelings I have had. I am very lucky that I have found such a person that took the time to really see me and love me for me. Jewel writes from her soul and my life is therefore enriched.
thank you for this poem it is everything i feel and think, it's as if you read my mind and wrote a poem for my own thoughts. I wish i had the talent like you to write my emotions so clearly.
this poem touched my heart because. it made me cry, it reminded me of my ex-boyfriend Dusty, he still from this day helps me out when i am down, he would do anything for me.
I love your poem! It brought me to tears! Keep doing what u do! God Bless U!
My boyfriend and I are going through a few ups and downs and this poem puts my thoughts in a straight line. I have been through so much in the past and my boyfriend is so patient and careing and always reasuring me that he loves me and that he will always be there. This is a great poem.
This poem I think was awesome. I just met this guy 3 months ago and the way this poem talks about that person inside is the way i feel and he truely did the same for me. Very touching.
I really liked your poem, even though, no one has come into my life, yet. I have been waiting though. I hope I can find someone to share this poem with. You really did a great job with it. Keep it up!
This poem is really buetiful. And this remindes me of my boyfriend. and know I thank you for this wonderful and emontial poem. Me and my boyfriend are closer and know I love him until I die. This made me love him more and I realized that thats what he done for me!
This was a very touching poem. I loved it.
AWESOME~ this poemis the best! i only hope to one day to be able to say the same thing!
your poem is a really touching. you have real talent and i hope you submit more poems for everyone to enjoy.
I would like to start off by saying, it's so good to know there are other people going through the same things we are. I felt the exact same way about a year ago, when i met the love of my life. I have three daughters from 2 previous relationships. I prayed for a son all three times. I found out love was real when i met Maurice, the love of my life and the father of the son i've always wanted. your poem really touched me, and i'll be sure to share it with him. Thank You, You gave me just what i needed to tell him how i feel.
This poem is so beautiful to me. I always feel that i have no one to care for me when I needed help with my problems in life. That was until I met a new friend. He helped me every way he possible could. Without him I would be lost. I love him so much. He is like a brother to me. I wouldn't want to ever lose him.
your poem really touched my heart and made me think of the good man i found and the things he has done for me
A beautiful poem, so many people look for that one special person in their life and seem to never find it. But sometimes when you least expect it the love you have searched for all your life can suddently appear. I know this to be true. So to all of you who have been searching for your true love, dont give up - it can happen.
Beautifully written. Beautifully said.
i really loved your poem, i made me think about how much someone did for me and that i have never really thanked him for giving me the something i thought was lost, he gave me myself back.keep waiting girl you have a way with words and away to express what some of us have felt or our feeling now
I was simply beautiful, reminds m of myself and what i hope to find one day
My word, never has a poem affected me so much and brought me to tears like this did coz, you see, it could have been written for me! I met my partner online whom I love and cherish with all my heart and this poem is how I would describe him and our love for each other.
Your poem has given me hope, hope of someday finding a guy like that. Thank you and please keep writing it was beautiful.
Absolutly wonderful.
Fantastic, totally sums up how i am feeling towards my partner
I looked and looked for that right poem to send to the one who has truly showed me more than anyone in my life, and I found that in "What he's done for me". No one has never taken the time to allow me to be me. It was alway's them that had to be first, and there feeling's that mattered. What my boyfriend has done for me is show me that I do matter and so do my feeling's, and that made it possible for me to unbury all the hurt and pain so that I can love again and that there is such a thing out there as LOVE!
Great poem!
I LOVED YOUR POEM! it is exactly how i feel for my boyfriend!
This poem is awesome, It brings us into her mind and let's us know how she is feeling. I Love it!
wonderful penned.
It was December '99 when this poem was posted here on Passions. It wasnt until tonight, 11 months later, that I realized I could read everyones comments about this poem. I had no idea I would touch people's lives with what I thought was on of my "simpliest" poems. I was always told by friends and family that I had a special talent for writing, especially poetry. It wasnt until tonight that I believed what they have tried to tell me all these years. What each of you wrote touched me deeply and brought tears to my eyes! To say "Thank You" would be putting it mildly. I will indeed continue to write and post here on Passions, and hope that those poems will be enjoyed as much as this one. Thanks again to all of you, God Bless, and may you indeed find that "special someone."
This poem is beautiful. This is exactly how I feel for my fiance. He's changed my life so much in the past 2 years. Keep writing!
Jewel, never hide your gift from God to touch people lives with your words and your feelings. Such a rare gift should never be wasted. Our world is your canvas and your words the colors. Always close...
that was simply awesome and extremely well written. you deserve a medal or something for that work. needless to say i loved it!
Jewel, you truly have the gift of expression. I have someone in my life today that reflects the same level of loving that you write about. He lets me know I am not alone. Thank you for your gift of words and for helping me to realize all that I have. I will watch for more from you. God's Blessings Always, ~Classy~
i LiKe YoUr PoEm aLoT!!! EXceLLeNt WorK DeR...!! YeR PoEm HaD tOuChED mAh hEaRt...=)...
touched my soul
I am currently suffering from depression and the only one that stays by my side and keeps me strong is my wonderful boyfriend. I totally felt the entire meaning of this poem. KEEP WRITING YOU HAVE A GIFT
I have a hard time saying outloud how I feel inside. When I read this poem my eyes feeled up with tears. There is someone in my life that has done exactly this to/for me.
Excellent- says just what I want to say to my significant other Thank you!
that was me a year ago until i found my love one on line. Thank you for this special poem. I had to send it to him i hope he will enjoy it like i did. I made a copy of it and put it on the frig. Tahnks again for something that is truly beautiful.
I think this poem tells a lot and I think if people who are lonely could read it, they may realize that there is someone out there for all of us. Sometimes it just takes a while to find but once you find it all of the past pain seems to fade away. WONDERFUL poem!
When I read this poem it brought tears to my eyes and gave me the chills! I have been going through some VERY hard times lately and it is good to know that everything will be okay eventually! Stay with writing poems you're good at it!
This reached down deep inside, and spoke to me of love lost and found. For the pain of loss and beautiful of love in bloom again. Jewel, Your Heart Shows.
I loved this poem! It described exactly how I think my boyfriend feels about me. I think i'm gonna show him this poem and see if he agrees.
This poem reminds me a lot about myself. However, most of all, the rthym and flow continue greatly throughout this poem. Very Talented.
This poem was just beautiful! This poem sounded like it was written about my life. It touched me so deeply. Thanks for expressing yourself through poetry.
another poem from the heart .it makes me think of someone special in my life that i love very much!! only if she new
Just wonderful. Thank God for U!
I loved it! It expresses so much feeling it tells a story, a story we all know but havn't been able to express in this perfect way.
I have searched and searched for the right words to say to the one I love. This a wonderful peom that exactly expresses how I really feel. Thank you so much Jewel, keep up the great work :)
Yo, this poem is tight. The author sounds like she was experiencing the same things my girlfriend was. I feel like I helped her a lot, so I can realate to this poem.
Jewel, have always thought your work was good. You can tell whether the author is full of it or if it came from the heart. Yours is the later. That to me is the most important part, and why it may be hard for others to appreciate other poeles work. They have to be able to relate to it, or know from what the author has written what he/she had gone through. You pulled it off well. congrats!
spoken from the heart,a woman who has found herself through love and understanding. credit to her and her partner.
This poem is one of the best poems i have ever saw. I said everything I wanted to say to my lover.
This poem was very touching. It made a lot of sense and I hope one day that I will find someone to make me feel that way.
The poem is good right frome the heart. I can see she speaks frome the heart, eye to eye and soul to soul
I love this. it made me cry. So much of it is true to me. If Richard ever reads this message I want to thank him, I love him so much. he means the world to me. beautiful work by the author.
I love the poem i've read.It reminds of myself and how i felt for so long until recently I got engaged to the most wonderful man then found out we were having a child together. I never thought i would find true love ii was always playing second best next to everyone but now this man has showed me how to love and how to really and truelly be loved.So for me it's no more second best,
Great poem I can truly relate!
I have read a lot of poems and this is one of the best that I have ever read. It actually brought tears to my eyes when I read it, cause it reminded me of me and one of my best guy friends.
I have a boyfriend I have been dating for a year. He is graduating in half a month and this poem just got the best of me. Great poem!
it's a very good poem
That was a great poem, I think that Jewel has a awsome talent and i want to thank her for shareing it. Because I feel that way and I just want to say thanks
This poem struck a chord. It felt as though it was written purposely for me, by me. Thank you, thank you.
I is perfect. It speaks volumes.
Beautiful! I'm sending it to my friend who finially found someone, weddings next month. Please send more!
That poem made me remember my best friend who I haven't spoken to in years. He is just as special. Thankz Jewel for helping me realize I need to call him!
this poem is excellent it really help me uderstand that there are more people that have been badly hurt other than me. it's a great poem keep writting!
I was looking for that special poem to send to an on line friend who has been there for me through thick and thin,and ran across "What He's Done For Me" and this poem said it all Thank you for helping me find those perfect words.
brought tears to my eyes
my goodness i dont know how to compliment such a beautiful made me cry because it fits my situation exactly, i was a very lonely girl and had no one and i met a wonderful man who became my best friend then became the love of my life and i honestly thank GOD everyday for him,im 39 years old and dont think ive ever known love until my boyfriend.what a beautiful poem Jewel,im no expert but i think its absoultely the most beautiful poem ive ever read.i think when you expierence something so sincerely and honestly you can put it into such powerful words.thank you for writing such a great poem.
That poem was so good. I mean it was it expressed well. That guy must be some guy.
What a beautiful Poem . I congratulate you for your honesty and your courage. Keep writing
You brought tears to my eyes
You touched my heart Thank You
This is very beautiful, Jewel..It exactly mirrors my feelings and I couldn't help sharing it with the man who did the same for me.Such beautiful words.You can actually feel them since I know they were written from the heart.Yes, God bless the parents who were instruments in bringing such beautiful persons into our lives.God bless you too and the wonderful man in your life.
You are a great poet, who seems very passionate about how you feel. i hope things work out with this guy and remember love is how we feel about ourselves as much as we love others. peace.
I love this poem. It's so great to know there still a few good men out there.

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