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A simple poem about all the things in life that remind one of the person they truly love.


Every day that I live,
Every time that I breathe,
I think of the love that we have shared.

Every time I see a smile,
Every time I hear laughter,
I think of the joy that you brought my life.

Every time I close my eyes,
Every time I begin to dream,
I see myself holding you near to me.

Every rose I smell,
Every blooming flower I see,
I see your beauty shining through your eyes.

Every glowing light,
Every twinkling star,
I see radiating from your heart of gold.

Everyone I see,
Every voice I hear,
I can only see your beauty and hear your melody.

Every boy and girl,
Every husband and wife,
I am reminded of you and me hand in hand.

Every love song I hear,
Every romantic movie I see,
I think about you and me together forever.

Every time I am alone,
Every time it is quiet,
I think about you, your love, and my love for you.

Every time we don't talk,
Every moment we are apart,
I feel my heart ache for your touch of love.

Every time I hear wedding bells,
Every time I hear the death toll,
I wonder if this is the beginning or end of us.

Every new day,
Every coming night,
I thank God for letting me know you and your love.

Every night before bed,
Every time I pray,
I ask for another day of loving you.
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i couldnt find the words which would be able to say my admiration for you. just I LOVE IT. thanks for conveying my soul words into your nice peom.

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