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This poem is about a dream I had. The dream was true to my reality. I describes the essence of love, the seemingly unattainability of it, and the emotion of the search.

I Saw You Once

I saw you once in a far
off dream, you were laughing
across a little silver stream,
Oh, I remember it well,
my heart so swelled,
In love so fast I never fell,
It was amazing that look in
your eye, a blue more deep
than the fading sky,
A waterfall? No, it couldn't
be, but your hair flowing in
the autumn breeze, a deep
gold with silver streaks
lighting the sun
and mountain's peaks.
But have you ever seen across
that stream, brown and drab
and never green?
I gaze into your evergreen,
alive with color at every seam,
Could you ever cross that silver
stream, and light the path
that grants my dream?
Or shall I sit here in this
dark of night and gaze into
your world of light?
Or shall I go across and
fight the stream, that keeps
me from my beloved dream?
What say ye 'O lord of fate?
Shall I dwell here
in this lonely state?
But wait! Do angels play with
me? Laugh and mock and suffer
me? Or did a dream invade my
dreams it seems? Did you
really cross that silver stream?
Do I hear the sounds of
splashing toes against the
drop of rains and bows,
Or do I hear the sounds
of bells abound, to and fro
and all around?
I hear the bell, I hear it's
ring, the morning rays it
starts to bring.
I awake and hold my pillow
tight, afraid to find that
lonely sight.
But wait! What do I hear?
The sound of splashing close
and near?
I jump from sheets of salty
sweat, to the window sill
I bound and leapt!
I gazed upon an ageless sight,
my dream of dreams came through
the night!
I let from off that lonesome
sill and ran against a grassy hill,

I saw you once - In a far off dream.
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Hey, i thought this poem ws sooo sweet. it made me think of the love that i just lost.

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