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Recently I submitted a poem hoping to show my Love to a dear person without being threatening. We have both been through very hard divorces and we are both a bit leery of new commitments. It has only been four short months since we have been "re-acquainted" but in that time we have come a long way! I submit to you, this poem of memories... and of the possibilities to come!


I remember that day,
The day you were brought into my life.
I remember the way -
The way our eyes locked... fingers nearly touching;
But each walking different paths,
Living circumstances that shield our sight,
For the time was not yet to be right.
Even then... your smile warmed my heart
Helped to keep that ever insistent frigidity from devouring.

I remember that day,
The day you were once again brought into my life.
I remember the way our eyes locked... fingers finding;
But each walking different paths... side by side,
Now living shifting circumstances with eyes open wide -
Remembering a warm summer morn long ago
As your smile once again penetrates throughout the ice.

I remember that day,
The day you held me in loves first embrace,
Eyes now searching, finding, locked... arms caressing
Paths intertwining, becoming... step by step -
Now giving with hearts open wide,
Accepting fates long awaited destiny
As your love lingers on my mind and in my heart.
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3 Visitor Comments

Pastel COwgirl this peom has reminded me of a special guy i once loved and still do this peom reached out and pulled me in and i thank you for making a wonderful peom as this one.
Another great poem :) Keep up the writing, you are very talented, Cowgirl.
I really loved this poem.It put into words how I feel about my husband of 10 years.

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