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This is a poem describing feelings that are kept deep down inside. It might be a dream or it might be reality. The fine line between only sometimes shows. We feel a certain way, and we make decisions accordingly. No matter where reality lies, this is what my poem describes.

I Dream

I dream
your lips to mine
embraced in love so sincere
so pure and ideal...

Only in my dreams
my love for you can truly flow
I dream
I taste
and can hold your hand
we stare at the moonlit sky
as I will spell out your name
and my love for you
will spread across the heavens
the moon seems to light up a smile
and in the blink of an eye
we're dancing
I don't know where we are
there seems to be nothing around except us
and our love
but we couldn't care less
and I don't know where the music is coming from
or whatever the tune
but I could remember your eyes
locked ever longingly unto mine
I needn't say a word
not one was exchanged
and in the blink of an eye
we're parting
we're drifting
again not a word was said
you can see it in my eyes
the sorrow
and we hug, embrace
I dream
your lips to mine
and as the sun ushers me out of my bliss
into another dreary day
knowing it can only be the stuff of dreams
our love that I keep aside
till another lonely day is over
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2 Visitor Comments

i love it. its perfect. exactly how i feel about the guy im dreaming of being with. just not sure if i shud let it show!
Krista Lynn. when i read this poem it felt like you were reading my feelings out loud as if you knew everything this peom is great i loved so ever so. i hope to read more great work from you.

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