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In the winter of 94 I was deeply in love with a young and caring woman. Through out the time we spent together, she helped me overcome many of my fears, helped me grow in so many ways. The following poem was written for her on Valentine's Day, a poor gift compared to the gift of her love. Though we are no longer together I will always see her hands touching my heart.

You're Like A Dream

You're like a dream,
heaven found in the blue seas.
You took my hand,
and shared with me what I could not see.
You took my hand,
and showed me what life should be.
You're like a dream,
wind waving in the green trees.

You're like the rain,
embracing the world with a gentle.
You gave me your heart,
when I could not give much
You gave me your heart,
when I could only offer tears and such.
You're like the rain,
awakening the flowers from their slumbering slouch.

You're like the wind,
echoing waves across stormy waters.
You showed me hope,
when I felt so much smaller.
You showed me hope,
when the pieces wouldn't fit together.
You're like the wind,
soothing as morning dew in the summer.

You're like heaven,
so enticing in golden honor.
You loved me,
even when I was a fallen solider
You loved me,
even when my words were as harsh as armor
You're like heaven,
delivering dreams to all the dreamers.

You're like a dream . . .
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4 Visitor Comments

I am presently interested in a gentleman named Brett. Thanks to Google I found this poem, and now can share these same feelings with my Brett. Thank you.
oh my goodness, I thought I would never find the perfect poem to describe how I feel. It made my dry eyes go humid. For the special person, it means who they are. For us it means, the memory of our lives.
Speaks of true love given without giving.
Wow! So amazing. Speaks of true emotions. Very well written!

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