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This is for my husband Steven.

It was fate that I found the perfect man.

Perfect Love

The happiness you gave to me, in just one simple day,
Has touched me more inside my heart, than any word can say.

Many people search the world, for that one perfect mate.
A person's mortal happiness, lies in chance, love, and fate.

Fate has brought me here to you. The love we have to make.
I give to you my mind and body, the chance for you to take.

I swear before the heavens, if in me you will believe,
I'll do anything to make you happy, so you'll never want to leave.

Your soft kiss upon my lips, and just your simple touch,
Has opened my heat to many things, has made me feel so much.

Whenever I'm around you, I feel like I could melt.
Just your presence makes me feel things, I thought I never could have felt.

In my heart will be your image. On my face there'll be a smile.
Even if there never is a future, the time was worth the while.

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22 Visitor Comments

Me and
Hi, this is the most beautifull poem i've ever read! It describes everything i want to say it touches me and my girlfriend congradulations with this perfect poem! wish i had the beautifull mind of a writer like you! friendly regards Me and my girl
This is a lovely poem, thank you
Wow, I needed to tell someone how I felt about them and well this was perfect. Just said everything i felt and needed to say.
thats excactly how i feel about my girlfriend
It was a very good poewm I think poems say what people really mean to say but cant
i love this poem so much it is the best one iv ever read, and its realy touched my heart
this poam is great it realy relates to me about a special person in my life. I cant wait to show her this poam and see her reaction. i wish to thank you for creating such a wonderful peace.
built skater
i thought this was a very good poem to tell the girl i like. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
i really do think this poem is beautiful beautiful
I LOVE THIS POEM SO MUCH! i have been looking at poems for a long time now, and never have a found such a perfect one to give to the man i love and adore! keep up the good work!!
The poem you wrote was definently one of the best poems i have ever read and i can definently relate to it! when i read your poem it put me in a really good mood! i dont really know what else to say about it! it was just a realy awesome poem! thanks
I loved this poem!!! I thought it was one of your best ones!!!
it was excellent
i loved you poem it was so heart warming it was the best poem that i have found on the net yet.
Excellent truly heart felt poem! One of the best I have read! Thank you Shawna for such insight.
Thank you for a wonderful poem. It was just the right thing to send to my wife who is taking care of her ill mother. I'm sure she enjoyed it as well. Thank you
This is the best poem i have ever read. Its the way i feel about my girlfriend. Thanks for helping me explain myself.
As I was sitting at Computer trying to think of how to tell my husband of 8 years how much I loved him I seen this poem and it was perfect. It is a very Pretty poem.It really helped me Because I am no poet. Thank you!!!
This poem is exactly how I feel about the guy I love
i loved one of the best poem i have ever read on mine hole life.
At times it is difficult for one to find just the words, to tell that special someone in there life what they mean to them. You have done so here and should be proud of your gift.
I loved this poem! I love to take the poems and change them into songs for fun. This song,errr, poem I mean, was beautiful. Please write more lovely poetry! I enjoy reading them very much.

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