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If you have ever loved anyone as much as I, then you'll understand why I would do anything for the love of my beloved . . .

True Love

You will never find
a love so true,
As the undying love
I have for you.
This love of mine,
could never be matched,
There’s nothing
I wouldn’t do.

You could point
to the highest mountain,
I would climb to the top with ease.
You could point
to the deepest sea,
And I would swim to the distant shore.
I would do this honey,
Because it's you, I adore.

If I had to reach you
in the heavens,
I would find a way to fly.
If I had to cross,
the hottest desert,
Than surely I would die.
Because only for you,
I would give it my best try.

Ask me to give my life,
I will.
Ask me to bare my soul,
I’ll do it.
I would do anything that you ask.

There’s only one thing
I can not seem to do.
The last which is the greatest
Of them all.
I would do all of the above,
And more.
I would give everything,
if I could do just this

I pray and pray,
every single day,
That there was just one way
For me to get you
to love me,
As much as I do
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13 Visitor Comments

Its a really good peom
the poem really touch my heart. it made me cry. i give the poem a 100.
I really loved this poem. It really made me think and it also opened my eyes. Thanks alot.
awsome poem
this reminds me of my babe that's so cute
what a brilliant poem it really touched me,ive been there ,it hurts when you love someone but they dont love you as much back. this really chocked me x
My name is Ariel. I loved your poem. It really touched my heart.
When you love someone you are ready to do the craziest things. I really liked this poem. I think I would be able to do the same things to the Love of my Life Scotty. Thanks. )
that was a great poem,it has good meaning
I have been there and done that, what u just expressed in that poem im dealing with it right now
It is really beautiful. Definitely my favourite.
i was really touched by your poems
This is my favorite poem.

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