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Maintaining a long distance relationship is not the easiest thing to do. I wrote this poem after spending an enjoyable weekend with my girlfriend. Although we spent a great 48 hours together, I longed for her again after she got on the plane.


How long before
I kiss your sweet lips
Tasting the curves of
Your mouth
As we unite.

When will
I get to hold you in my arms
Feeling your soft curves
Pressing against my body
As we embrace.

How many days must pass until
I love you on all levels
Intoxicating you on
The physical, spiritual and mental
As we fit.

When will
I slumber off next to you
Taking comfort in
Your rhythmic breathing
As we sleep.

How long must
I wait to behold you in my gaze
Reading love of the mind and heart
As we look into each other’s souls.

When will
I see you
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4 Visitor Comments

thats a cute love poem, i love it and may i give this poem to someone if i may?
This poem says it all. It took the words right out of my mouth. Long distance relationships are not easy, and only seeing the one you love ever so often is even harder. That's how it is with me and my girlfriend. We dont get to see each other that often, and this poem speaks for the both of us.
I love this BEST of all the poems I have read. I have a copy posted on my refrig. just to remind me how truly wonderful and beautiful it is!!
just tellsthe exact way i feel when i'm far away from my love. simly superb!

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