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This was written after a long weekend of missing the person I love. We can't be together at this time and so words are all we have, whether they be written, typed, or spoken. We are very much in love with each other. I have never attempted to write a poem but this is for her.

What You Mean To Me

You . . .
Are the beginning of every day.
You . . .
Bring happiness and warm feelings
Each and every time I feel down.
My thoughts are of you constantly.
Time stands still when I cannot hear your sweet voice.
When I go to sleep at night,
In my mind, you are the one lying beside me.
My dreams are of us and when I wake,
I feel your presence.
You are the beacon that draws me,
Like a moth to a light.
Your kind words are a blessing to my ears.
Your unselfishness is a trait that many strive for,
Coming naturally to you.
Though you may feel down at times,
You still have kind words to share
Cheering others up.
When I tell you these three words,
Know they come from the heart:
"I love you" and everything about you.
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15 Visitor Comments

it is so beautiful and true. every word is a passion to me. i sent this to the one i love. My baby chris. lov u.
i think this poem is nice because it reminds me of my no. 1 soldier reece the one i love the most
This poem is written straight from the heart. I wish I could have come up with these words. It is exactly how I feel about the man I love.
This is superb. very touching.
I browsed this site for a long time looking for the right poem to send to my boyfriend and this was perfect, explained perfectly how I felt, and he loved it too. xx
it says it all
If only we where all so loved!
very sweet, I sent it to the man I love
This is simple enough for everyone to understand, yet complete enough to make a point that hits the heart.
I am in a
It is so sweet & lovely!
This poem touched my heart so deeply that I cried. It is exactly how I feel for my love and to me this poem is from my own heart.
ever feel like saying i love u but don't know how to.. this is the perfect answer
I met my soulmate online,we are very far apart,hes in australia,i am in the states,but our souls are one,thank you so much for the poem,it hits home,and shows my feelings exactly.

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