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Love is lost but is it lost forever? That is the question I seek to answer.

Be There

Don't hurt me, my heart is fragile;
Like a piece of blown glass.
I'm not looking for sex or lust,
I want this to last.

Be there for me when I cannot sleep,
Hold me when I can only weep.

Don't hurt me, my soul is afraid;
Scared of being stolen away.
I'm not looking for just "right now,"
I want you everyday.

Be there when I need to talk,
Understand if I need to walk.

Don't hurt me, my body is weary;
Of all the promised love revoked.
I'm not looking for lies,
I want only the truth spoke.

Be there to hold me when I cry,
Be the one to wipe my tears dry.
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10 Visitor Comments

i am not kidding,this is one deadly piece
i loved the piece so much that it completely swallowed me
This is the second poem I have read by "Tracey Stroud". I feel as though this poet is part of me, my "soul" and my "spirit". Who are you? Again, simply amazed I am with you Tracey Stroud! Simply amazed!
This poem describes just how i feel about a certain guy. This is such a nice poem.
This poem was great. You did a wonderful job writing it. This poem also got me to tell a man how I felt inside.
I found this poem when I really needed to tell a special someone how I was feeling.
Tracey, An understanding has been reached between your poem and myself. It was done very well! Thank You,
I LOVED IT!!!!!!! You think of what love really is and what you want to gain from love and this is it. Someone who will be there in the bad times as well as the good and who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. what more could one ask for?
simply perfect!
This is a wonderful poem. It hits home.

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