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Poetry Buffet

Poetry Buffet

Not all poems fall into one of our existing sections, and some refuse to be categorized at all. So we invented a category that's not a category, a place where we can put just about anything we want.

So, grab a clean plate and get in line with all the other hungry visitors. We have a smorgasbord of delights we're sure you're going to appreciate.

And, by all means, feel free to return to the buffet for seconds! There's always room for poetry...

Poetry Buffet (1-50)

  • by Munda
    Home isn't always where we were born. Sometimes, it's a part of our heart.
  • by justageorgiaguy
    Have you ever wondered if you were gone, what would be said about you?
  • by JP
    Human existence is both dichotomy and paradox. And, perhaps, therein lies its power.
  • by Jester59701
    A poet reveals his romance with words, exploring the power they have to change our lives.
  • by wayoutwalt
    What is the best poem you have ever read?
  • by Joel the wolf
    Personification is a common poetic tool. Do you recognize the Ruler within this poem?
  • by Marge Tindal
    Poetic inspiration is found in a myriad of events and people. Even, it seems, in other poetry.
  • by Master
    Shakespeare never wrote a soliloquy for Macbeth to speak immediately after killing Duncan. But that doesn't mean one doesn't exist.
  • by Elizabeth
    We very often hear stories about men who use women and set them aside. But men aren't the only culprits.
  • by John LeClare
    Drive with care, someone else's life may depend upon it!
  • by Old Millot
    There is power in words, and beauty in the reflection of ourselves to be found in a midnight sky.
  • by Thomas
    All living creatures have one thing in common - someday, we will no longer be living creatures.

Poetry Buffet Subcategories Menu

  • by Indronil B
    Words, gentle and soft, are not always as they seem. Read the poem first, then the author's description, to see of which I speak.
  • by Arugula Grub
    Fantasy is the fabric of the mind. And, perhaps, of life.
  • by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
    I dare you to recite this one ten time fast. Okay, how about once real slow?
  • by Brendan Hunt
    There is a moment we all face each day, when the impossible can briefly become reality.
  • by Celia Moodie
    Do dream presage reality? Even the very strange ones?
  • by Carey Lenehan
    Like a ribbon of black death, our roads wend through the habitats of animals the world over.
  • by Rosemary Winters
    A symbolic look at the inner feeling of people
  • by Roche
    Everything that happens to us is ultimately the result of our own choices. Which rose would you choose?
  • by Mindy Carpenter
    Every poet is influenced by others, some much more so than most.
  • by Nancy Ness
    Reflections combine with repetition to describe beauty and enlightenment.
  • by Kevin
    Things aren't always what they seem…
  • by Geoff Sanderson
    Can one year in the life of a writer be digested into so few words?
  • by Mike Van Rensselaer
    At times, the company we seek can best be found in poetry.
  • by Tim Chambers
    What do we want? Are we sure? What do we see? Is it there? What do we feel? Do we know? Only time and life will tell.
  • by Miss Abagail Mannering
    The poignant history of our great country comes to life through the words of this wonderful poet.
  • by Sweet Madness
    The arts are surely intertwined, and this poetic artist combines verbal skill with the visual talents of a painter.
  • by Rick Thompson
    We all search for meaning. And, often, for much more as well.
  • by Ted Reynolds
    The days of large-scale nuclear testing are past. But the fears are remembered.
  • by Ted Reynolds
    This art form (poetry) reflects the beauty of another art form…
  • by Ginger True
    Our view of Life is often a reflection of our pains, and always a mirror of our past.
  • by Ladycat
    The ultimate enigma in life - What does death really mean?
  • by Redcrow16
    Imagine learning at some point in life that a parent who has raised us isn't our "biological" parent at all.
  • by Joey
    This poem, written by a ten-year old, expresses some very beautiful sentiments.
  • by Al Terego
    We sometimes neglect to consider that our clergy are human beings, and that they, too, experience all of the emotions and passions as do lay-people.
  • by Poetic
    This poet is lost in reverie - and takes the reader along for the dream...
  • by Shadow
    The dreaded alarm clock - Is there any more dreaded enemy for your morning?
  • by Faye Jones
    There is a specialness than man (and woman) have always found in the simple act of fishing.
  • by Sue
    Live is composed of event after event, many seemingly disjointed and unrelated. But there is always a commonality, and sometimes it's a very surprising one.
  • by Shane Downing
    Some things are more than they may seem.
  • by Meghan Mcguinness
    This is one of the hard-to-classify poems that could go into almost any section. It's about love (unsuccessful, so sad), about life, and it sure has more than a share of humor. But it's mostly about a very important Truth.
  • by Dustin Raymond
    Memories and fantasies can lead us into very strange, unexpected regions of our minds.
  • by Rachel Osborne
    This is a very beautiful and moving poem about a unique place, in a unique time. And the memories evoked.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    A tribute to a very special, very giving group of people.
  • by Rosemary Winters
    Have you seen the movie "Titanic?" If you're willing to look, there are many stories of life and love to be found in the old and forgotten.
  • by Vinny
    Metaphors often hold Truth, and that of course is their power. But, sometimes, the Truth is a particularly ironic one.
  • by Veronica Ann Cech
    The poet is a very special person, as this wonderful tribute will amply show.
  • by Michael Anderson
    This poem poignantly describes the feeling of helplessness that overcomes us as we realize that disaster is imminent, and we can do absolutely nothing to prevent it...
  • by Angie Cooper
    Death - and the wonderment of what it might be like - is a thought that certainly crosses the mind of every living mortal…
We just couldn't fit them all on one page. The Best is yet to come...

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