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This was written in my Civil War Lit. Class - inspired by the lecture, and by my best friend/ex-beau, who is also a re-enactor.

Civil War Memories

The sea of blue
marched down the lane,
the rows so prim and straight...
None aware that they'd meet their doom
in this war inspired by hate.

The troops plodded on
stirring up the dust
as they followed the road's narrow bend...
Oblivious of the coats they'd donned -
in desperate need of mend.

The tin cups clanked
against canteens,
and muskets gleamed in the sun...
Paranoid that they'd soon be flanked
after the battle they'd just won.

They heard the noise
of rifles fired.
the *thunks* of bullets in skin...
Most casualties were mainly boys
fighting against their kin.

The acrid smells
of burnt powder
filled the nose and sky...
And many a boy ''neath dust now dwells
in the place they fell to die.

We remember now
their sacrifice,
many years since they have gone...
The legacy they did endow
ensures they'll linger on.
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7 Visitor Comments

I believe this poem captueres the very essence of the civil war.
On the maternal and paternal sides of the family they fought for the blue and gray. I feel the poet has a wonderful gift and what inspired me was the way she expressed herself- you can actually she a picture in your mind of those young boys in battle. I hope to read more poems by this poet and ask her if she ever considered writing a civil war novel?
i loved your poem it was great and just almost made me cry! keep writing!gl
I loved it
I recently joined a civil war reiactors group and am returning form a battle, and that poem is true to the real thing "Paranoid that they'd soon be flanked" i forgot that it wasnt real and i felt that a wrong move would get me killed, but all in all it was fun :) -god bless charlie
Excellent unlike many of your other listed works which do not contain one rhyme and a collection of words of pure sentiment.
I love to read poems about the war and what happen in the war you know

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